Jonathan Cangelosi

Brief biography

I am a freshman double majoring in mathematics and computer science with a minor in physics. I have special interests in number theory, topology, and algorithm development. In high school, I was a competitive member of Mu Alpha Theta. After graduating, I worked as a TA at LSU Math Circle, a summer program in which I had participated the past three years. My hobbies include learning, teaching, competing in Super Smash Bros. Melee tournaments, playing video games in general, thinking philosophically, and watching political/social commentary videos. After getting my Bachelor’s, I hope to get my Ph.D. and eventually become a tenured college professor in mathematics.

Mathematical Activities

Throughout high school, I taught competitive math as a member of my school's Mu Alpha Theta E-Board. Last summer, I worked as a TA at LSU Math Circle, a program that introduces high school students to college-level math. During my freshman year, I did research in computational mechanics under Dr. Bourdin. We used differential equations that govern heat transfer to model crack propagation in slabs with different material properties and geometries. In the future, I intend to participate in at least one REU and continue to do research during the school year.

Educational Activities

Throughout my freshman year at LSU, I tutored high school students in calculus and physics, and I helped my classmates in Calculus III and linear algebra/differential equations. I enjoy teaching because I like to explain things in layman's terms to make my insights more accessible to other students. I find that too many students who are good at math are intimidated by it or simply do not like it, perhaps because of the way it is presented to them. As I continue to expand my knowledge of mathematics, I hope to use my passion for teaching to stir the same passion for math in other students.