Logan Hart

Brief biography

I recently became a sophomore majoring in Pure Mathematics at Louisiana State University. Last semester I was studying Mechanical Engineering and felt that this field was not my destiny. I have always enjoyed math and decided that I should just follow what I love regardless of financial security. My main goal in life is find meaning and understanding in the world. I think pursuing a career into Math is the best course of action to obtain said goal. I have lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for nineteen years, which just so happens to be my entire life. Prior to my college career at LSU, I attended Catholic High School in Baton Rouge. There, I was a member of the Track & Field Team, as well as a member of Mu Alpha Theta. In my free time I enjoy to run, read, and to spend time with friends and family. On a forward-looking note, after I obtain my Bachelor's degree I plan on applying to a graduate program to obtain my PhD.

Mathematical Activities

Currently, I am working on research projects with Dr. Yaniv Almog with a focus on functional minimization with the use of Fourier Series. I predominantly use Matlab to minimize certain functions in a functional and comment on the spacing of the minimized points. Recently we have taken a more analytical approach to the minimization problem. I plan on continuing my research with Dr. Almog for as long as possible.

Educational Activities

In the fall semester of 2016, Ms. Soula O'Bannon assisted me with becoming a math tutor. Within a couple of weeks fellow LSU classmates were seeking my help to tutor them in both Calculus II and Calculus III. At first I was apprehensive about tutoring but after that first session my whole view on the subject completely changed. I am grateful for the opportunity Ms. Soula O'Bannon provided me, and I hope to tutor more students this coming Spring Semester in Differential Equations and Linear Algebra. Depending on my academic schedule, I might explore opportunities relating to being a member of the Geaux Teach program and student organization.