Demarcus D. Smith III Mathematics Scholarship Recipients
John Everett Moser
I am currently a sophomore at Louisiana State University working on a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science. Aside from school work, I spend my free time working on programming projects for myself and others. Initially, I was strictly a Computer Science major. However, when I was given the opportunity to do research in Mathematics, I realized I should also pursue Mathematics as well. From there, I have worked on a research project under Dr. Neubrander and began helping students as a calculus tutor.
Mathematical and Education Activities
Currently, I am working on a research project under Dr. Neubrander, where we investigate distributional solutions to second order linear ordinary differential equations. I presented my first poster at the LSU Undergraduate Research Conference with preliminary conclusions drawn about the topic. From there, I will continue to work on another poster with the same topic, and I plan to present a new poster at LSU Discover Day. As I am currently working as a Calculus tutor for MATH 1550 for Evangeline Residential Hall, I intend to work as a pre-calculus TA at Lousisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts this summer to further extend my educational experiences.