Christopher Kennady

Brief biography

My name is Christopher Kennady; I am a sophomore here at LSU now in my second semester of Mathematics. I am the oldest of two children, I have a younger sister who is fifteen and a sophomore in high school. My passions are found in sports and the outdoors. My time is spent hunting, fishing, or just anything to keep my outside. My family and I live for LSU sports so I have bled purple and gold since the day I was born. It has always been my dream to be a Tiger and attend LSU. As a freshman I enrolled as an Industrial Engineer major but quickly I found that this is not the path I wanted to follow and felt Mathematics was my true calling. My dream job is to become a high school math teacher and to coach football along with track and field. Being able to influence young students to find their love for Mathematics along with helping young athletes everyday will be a great blessing in my life. With this goal in my sights I have begun a research project along with the guidance of Dr. Neubrander.

Mathematical and Educational Activities

My current research topic is The Schroder Functional Equation and Koopman Operators for Dynamical Systems. Being awarded this scholarship will really allow me to dedicate a serious time and effort into mathematics research. This will allow me to use the time I may be using to have to work, to help me offset costs and to have spending money of my own, to serious research and time I could help other students. I am very excited about beginning my path into different types of research in mathematics. Having this scholarship will definitely help me dedicate plenty of time towards my research and helping my dream life come true. I am blessed and grateful for this opportunity given to me by those apart of the Demarcus D. Smith Scholarship.