Margarite LaBorde

Brief biography

My name is Margarite LaBorde, and I am an undergraduate sophomore at LSU double majoring in mathematics and physics, both with concentrations in pure mathematics. I am a member of both the Honors College and the Society of Physics Students, and I am a McNair's Scholar. During my down time, I enjoy reading, practicing archery, and going on long runs.

Mathematical Activities

I work in undergraduate research with Dr. Jonathan Dowling in the Quantum Information and Technology research group, where I enjoy applying my math and physics skill simultaneously. I am participating in research in theoretical physics such as optimizing applications of boson sampling for better metrology and computation time. During the summer I am working in the Math Consultation Clinic with Dr. Wolenski and a group of graduate and undergraduate students on developing a mathematical interface for the modeling of the feeding behavior of infants.

Educational Activities

In my previous high school, I assist in tutoring algebra and geometry. I am also continuing to advocate STEM disciplines to middle schools and high schools in the Baton Rouge area, particularly through mathematics tutoring and physics outreach.