Morgan Landry

Brief biography

My name is Morgan Landry, and I am currently a 22-year old senior in Mathematics concentrating in Secondary Education here at LSU. My free time is usually spent hanging out with my friends and family; usually walking, hiking, biking, or camping in the outdoors. I have always had a love for teaching. Even as a kid, I'd help my two younger brothers with their math homework. Maybe this is because my mom is a teacher, so I was brought up being encouraged to help others and always trying to make something a learning experience. I am currently student teaching Algebra II at West Feliciana High School to 10th and 11th, and so far, it has been a phenomenal experience. I am constantly amazed by the students, which makes me feel confident in the career path that I have chosen.

Mathematical and Educational Activities

Currently, I am working under Dr. Stephen Shipman with a group of other undergraduates in mathematics. This group meets every Thursday to talk about projects and learn about new topics related to quantum graphs. We are all working with quantum graphs, but each has an individualized project. My partner, Melanie Dutel, and I presented a poster entitled "Waves in a String with Decaying Defect Density" in the summer of 2014 and in October 2014, where I also gave an oral presentation. Melanie and I are working to expand our research to include a wider range of data so we can hopefully expand upon fractal patterns we observed.

In the future, I plan to attend graduate school in mathematics to earn a Masters degree. After that, I want to work at a university so I am able to teach a few college level math courses, while also working with math education. I would like to be able to use my teaching and math experience to help aspiring teachers like my current self.