Michelle Laskowski

Brief biography

My name is Michelle Laskowski and I am a transferred junior, coming from school and home in Chicago. I came for the culture-filled adventure of LSU but stayed for the Geaux Teach program, which I found to be extraordinary. Also, as I ventured further into conceptual math, my passion and interest mathematics has exponentially increased, leaving me continually on the edge to learn more. I am currently working on a research team being guided by Dr. Neubrander and am honored to continue research on this summer as a Robert Noyce Intern.

Mathematical and Educational Activities

My current research is on Discrete Dynamical Systems and the Generation of Fractals. This is my first taste of research and after only a short period of time I've realized I would like to continue exploring mathematics through the involvement of research. As a member of the Geaux Teach program, I plan to open the eyes and minds of high school students while continuing my own education and in time pursuing a Master's degree, in mathematics.