Christopher Mai

Brief biography

I am a sophomore seeking a dual degree in Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering, and am a member of the Honors College. I am an officer of the LSU Club Tennis Team, and I also enjoy playing piano and drawing with charcoal. I tutor students in all applied Mathematics related fields such as Calculus I-III, Physics, and Differential Equations. Originally, I had planned on studying medicine, but my interest in mathematics has led me to where I am today. I love anatomy, so upon graduation at LSU, I plan on attending graduate school in Biomechanics, with heavy emphasis on the mathematics side of robotics.

Mathematical Activities

I am researching with Dr. Michael Murphy in the Mechanical Engineering department on the kinematics of the knee joint. We have a heavy emphasis on biomechanics and classical mechanics for the research; my primary objective is to further my understanding of screw theory and apply the knowledge to the current data collected in-vivo movement trials such as gaits, pivots, and swings. Through my studies, I am also learning about Lie Algebras, Lie Groups, and Differential Geometry; I recognize the importance these topics have in engineering, and I am working to understand and apply them to not only my research, but any engineering related topic.

Educational Activities

I really enjoy teaching Math and Physics to students, especially Calculus courses, since a solid framework in Math can bring a student down any path (such as myself). I am always looking for opportunities to continuously develop my Mathematics skills, and will be seeking this opportunity both through extensive research with Dr. Murphy, as well as through the plethora of advanced Mathematics courses and faculty at LSU.