Connor Martin

Brief biography

I am a freshman at Louisiana State University and I am triple majoring in Mathematics with a concentration in Mathematics, Physics with a concentration in Physics, and Computer Science with a concentration in Software Engineering; I am also minoring in German. I am a member of the Honors College, Society for Physics Students, Collegiate 4H, Baptist Collegiate Ministry, and the LSU Rugby Club.

Mathematical Activities

This past semester I completed, a group poster on the weak interactions between standard model neutrinos and primordial plasma, and how they affect the resonant production of sterile neutrino dark matter. This semester I am working on a poster with Dr. Frank Neubrander that is on fractals. I plan on doing a Research Experience for Undergraduates this summer, but have not chosen a specific program at this point in time.

Educational Activities

I am the programming mentor in C++, Java, and Labview for two high school First Robotics Competition Teams: 4209 here in Baton rouge and 4336 in Lafayette. I also tutor math and physics to a range of students, from 4th graders to University freshmen.