Emelie Mativi

Brief biography

I am a junior at LSU pursuing a math major with a concentration in secondary education. I am a three year member of the Geaux Teach program as well as the Honors College. I received Sophomore Honors distinction and the Tiger Excellence Award. My passion for education led me to become a Noyce Scholar and commit two years to teaching in a high needs school district. I have been participating in research at LSU for over two years, and am now working on a thesis project. I am a member of the distinguished communicators program and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. When I am not focused on school I really enjoy volunteering. I have volunteered for three years at an equestrian center for special needs children. I am also a member of the LSU quiz bowl team and love competing in tournaments. I am student teaching in the fall, and then hoping to continue in pursuit of a Master's in education.

Mathematical and Educational Activities

I began work on my thesis last semester, but the research began over two years ago. I worked with Dr. Shipman to develop an understanding of resonance in lattice systems, and I gained understanding of advanced mathematical concepts along the way. Learning these concepts in the form of a project instead of in a traditional classroom setting gave me a deeper understanding of the material. I realized how helpful this form of teaching could be, and I wanted to attempt to develop a curriculum using it. For my thesis project I am combining my passion for math and education to produce a series of lesson plans that incorporate upper level math concepts into a high school level curriculum. I am using the same material that has been the foundation of my research throughout my college career, but I am presenting it in a geometric sense. So far, I have completed a high school unit plan that incorporates concepts such as complex variables, calculus, and trigonometry. I have also completed detailed scripts of multiple lessons, so that others can see exactly how I imagine these concepts being taught. I am going to finish my thesis this semester by completing a poster that presents the material covered in the lessons as well as how the upper level concepts were incorporated. I hope to convince other instructors that it is possible to integrate difficult concepts into the current curriculum, and I want to show how beneficial this style of teaching would be to students. I also hope that spending a year on a project like this will help me when I begin my career as a teacher.