Amanda Mayhall

Brief biography

Amanda Mayhall is a sophomore at Louisiana State University pursuing a degree in Applied/Discrete Mathematics and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, Amanda came to LSU to experience the unique Louisiana culture, participate in the Honors College, and find opportunities to get involved with research. She is an Honors College Advocate, a member of the I3 Student Governing Council, and an S-STEM Scholar. She is currently working with Dr. Neubrander exploring Discrete Dynamical Systems and the Generation of Fractals. Amanda also works with the Academic Center for Student Athletes tutoring algebra and calculus. In her free time, she enjoys attending LSU football games, going to concerts, and visiting the Friends of the Animals Dog Adoption House.

Mathematical and Educational Activities

I am currently researching Discrete Dynamical Systems and the Generation of Fractals with Dr. Neubrander. We are using Mathematica to generate images of "exploding" noncontractive functions similar to the Sierpinski triangle and Barnsley's fern. I hope to present a poster in the future. I am also working with ACSA tutoring algebra and calculus to student athletes. In the I3 Governing Council, we are working to put on a mock AP test day on LSU's campus for high school students.