Steven Olsen

Brief biography

I'm Steven Olsen and I'm a sophomore Mathematics major at LSU. Though born and raised in Baton Rouge, I'm studying abroad in France for the 2013-2014 school year. I've loved math for as long as I can remember, and consequently I'm always trying to teach my friends cool new math tricks or helping someone with their calc homework. My other interests include tennis and linguistics. Although I'm in France, I'm currently researching the Schröder functional equation with Dr. Frank Neubrander.

Mathematical and Educational Activities

My current research is on Schröder's equation, which I plan to present in the form of a poster along with a paper. When I return from France in May 2014, I will continue my involvement in the Louisiana Harvard-MIT Mathematics Team and once again assume an active role in its leadership in preparation for the 2015 tournament. During my senior year, I will most likely complete my Senior Honors Thesis in mathematics with Dr. Neubrander as my advisor. While my future after college is, at this point, fairly uncertain, I do plan to go to graduate school in either Mathematics or Aerospace Engineering.

Schröder's equation is an eigenvalue equation for the composition operator C acting on C[0,1], which sends a function f(x) to f(h(x)). It is used to analyze the orbits h^n (x) of discrete dynamical systems and their embeddings into continuous dynamical systems. I'm currently working on formulating a rough draft in LaTeX, which will then pave the way for the final paper and a poster.