Emily Ribando-Gros

Brief biography

My name is Emily Ribando-Gros, and I am an undergraduate sophomore studying Mathematics and Computer Science at Louisiana State University. This year, I started undergraduate research in integral geometry under Dr. Boris Rubin. Currently, I volunteer at BRYC tutoring high school math, which continues to improve my fundamental math skills. In my free time, I like doing logic puzzles and playing strategic board games. Being from New Orleans, I enjoy driving back home to enjoy the good food and live music.

Mathematical and Educational Activities

My research is in integral geometry, under Dr. Boris Rubin. Currently, I am studying Radon-like transforms and my goal is to obtain an explicit representation and inversion formula for the hyperbolic slice transform. Aside from my research, I enjoy volunteering at the Baton Rouge Youth Coalition to tutor high school math. At LSU, I continue to explore many diverse areas of math through the math club where I am able to share this passion with other undergraduate students.