Colleen Robichaux

Brief biography

Growing up in Houma, Louisiana, Colleen Robichaux often observed her mother preparing for lessons and seeing her mother's love for education, which inspired Colleen's own interest in education. During her freshman year at Louisiana State University where she majored in Mathematics with a concentration in Secondary Education, she began participating in an undergraduate group researching generalized functions. Finding this research quite interesting, Colleen continued the same project in an REU at Louisiana State University with Dr. Neubrander during the summer of 2012 for which Colleen produced and presented a poster twice at two LSU research conferences. Enjoying the previous REU so thoroughly, she participated in an REU at Missouri State University with Dr. Les Reid in the summer of 2013 and returned in the fall to present her research at a conference. After graduating, rather than immediately teaching in a high school, she now plans to pursue a graduate degree in Mathematics so that she may teach at a higher level.

Mathematical and Educational Activities

Currently, Colleen is continuing the project which she began last summer at a Research Experience for Undergraduates at Missouri State University. In this project she is researching properties of non-commuting graphs under the guidance of Professor Les Reid at Missouri State University. Colleen plans on completing this project to produce a paper and a poster, which she will present at the LSU Discover Research Day. This semester Colleen is working as an undergraduate learning assistant for a Linear Algebra and Differential Equations class, helping students develop a deeper understanding of the course material. She also continues to tutor students privately and remains in the Geaux Teach program, in which she is looking forward to student teaching.