Daniel Rockwell

Brief biography

I am a sophomore seeking a dual degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, with a minor is Business Administration. I am a huge outdoorsman and thoroughly enjoy rock climbing, bouldering and top-roping. Here at LSU, I was a member of ASME prior to engaging in pure Mathematics and its relation with Computer Science. The switch from mechanical engineering to this dual degree was chosen specifically to satisfy a thirst for WHY things are and WHERE they are going. I feel that Mathematics is the why and Computer Science is the where. The future is a combination of what we learn from the past and present. Prior to my college career at LSU, I attended Mandeville High School and was a 4-year varsity member of the Tennis Team, 3-year All-State Honor Band Participant for the Clarinet, and a member of Mu Alpha Theta.

Mathematical Activities

I am working on a research project with Professor Stephen Shipman involving spectral theory of quantum graphs. It beautifully incorporates complex variables, differential equations, linear algebra, algebraic geometry, and graph theory. This research opportunity for me is still in the infant stages, and I feel that I will gain an immeasurable amount of knowledge in fields I have not studied yet and a more solid feeling of knowledge in fields I have already studied.

Educational Activities

After being immersed with mathematics in my full Spring 2017 semester, I was driven to be able to share my knowledge and engage in educational activities here at LSU. Therefore, I worked as a tutor at the LSU Math Lab in Middleton Library. There, I helped tutor College Algebra and College Trigonometry to my peers. The experience has been undoubtedly beneficial in my mathematical growth. Knowing a subject is invaluable, but being able to explain more or less difficult material in a way that relates to your fellow peers truly makes you aware of previously learned material. This opportunity has provided me with remarkable teaching experience, IT incorporation with education, and a way to deepen my knowledge as I progress into mathematics.