Sarah Schott

Brief biography

My name is Sarah Schott; I am in the Geaux Teach program at LSU, and I will be graduating with a mathematics degree in the Spring of 2016. I've completed math-related research projects at LSU as well engineering education projects at Utah State University.

Mathematical Activities

The research projects that I've contributed to include: low-dimmesnional topology research regarding distinguishing knots under Dr. Shea Vela Vick, properties of simeltaneously conjugate permutations under Dr. Robert Perlis, and perceptual, conceptual, and emotional blocks in first year engineering students under Dr. Idalis Villanueva.

Educational Activities

Currently, I am a part-time math educator at Mount Carmel Academy in New Orleans, Louisiana. I plan on teaching high school temporarily in New Orleans and then returning to graduate school to obtain a master's degree in Mathematics.