Jeremy Tillay

Brief biography

My name is Jeremy Tillay, and I am a 20-year old sophomore at LSU pursuing a degree in Pure Math. I am a LA-STEM Research Scholar, Honors College Student, and have been doing undergraduate research since my first semester of freshman year. I have always known that I wanted to major in math, but it was not until I started taking higher-level maths that I was certain I wanted to pursue my PhD. I have competed in two math tournaments while at LSU and won first place in both of them! Outside of school, I am a member of the Honors College Advocates, and I love literature. I enjoy reading both fiction and nonfiction. Also, I enjoy writing fiction as a hobby when I want to explore artistic interests. 

Mathematical and Educational Activities

I tutor classmates and students in classes I have taken before regularly. So far, I have not asked for pay, as it's always been a fun activity for me that keeps my knowledge of material fresh.

As far as research, I have studied the resonance in one and two dimensional lattices under the advisement of Dr. Shipman. Studying these systems has given me insight that is now allowing me to research quantum graphs that model graphene tubes. It is my hope that I can find a way to add defects to the system that will allow for a resonant interaction in the model. This research has really helped me see higher-level math for what it is, and it has been an interesting experience to need to employ a large variety of mathematical tools to solve a problem. Computer programming, theoretical math, paper-and-pencil calculations, research into graph theory, among other efforts are what have solved these problems in the past. It's very different from completing a homework assignment that can be done in a few hours. I have to work on these problems for days and sometimes reach numerous dead ends, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I hope that early in my senior year, I can have a paper published on carbon nanotubes.