Derek Walker

Brief biography

My name is Derek Walker, and I am currently a freshman double majoring in math and physics. My hometown is Luling, Louisiana and while there I attended Hahnville High School. I am a member of the Honors College and the Society of Physics Students. Studying mathematics is a passion of mine, and I am currently working Dr. Stephen Shipman in his Quantum Graph research group. I also pursue some research in the fields of physics and biology. Outside of academics, I love to golf and study the design of golf courses. I am also an avid reader, with my favorite story being One Piece.

Mathematical and Educational Activities

In the mathematics department, I am currently working with Dr. Stephen Shipman on the topic of Quantum Graphs. As for my other research areas, I am working Dr. Rosby, from the biology department on looking at the affects of repressed ribosome synthesis in yeast cells. In the physics department, I'm working with Professor Tzanov and am currently working on things related to the CAPTAIN Neutrino project. After my time here as an undergraduate, I want to pursue a Ph.D. in a field with strong mathematical ties. I would love to be a professor not only to do research, but also to help teach up-and-coming mathematicians and scientists. My goal is create an engaging class that interests even the non-mathematics major in the beauty of the subject.