Jessica Wojtkiewicz

Brief biography

Jessica Wojtkiewicz is an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Computational Mathematics at Louisiana State University. After taking Discrete Dynamical Systems with Dr. Peter Wolenski, Jessica was given the opportunity to work with the Math Consultation Clinic and an engineering firm in order to develop a Graphical User Interface in MATLAB to track a microwave transceiver on a hand-held device using eight optical-flow sensors. After this opportunity, Jessica learned that her mathematical interests could be found in real-life applications. Along with working on mathematical problems, Jessica is also a Resident Assistant for the Global Connections Residential College on LSU's campus. Jessica spends a lot of her time mentoring first-year students and is known to tutor a few of them in mathematics. In the future, Jessica plans to attend a graduate school to obtain a doctorate degree in Computational/Applied Mathematics.

Mathematical and Educational Activities

Mathematics has been a passion of mine since I was a young girl, but I never truly realized how much I loved mathematics until I had a couple of wonderful mathematics teachers throughout middle and high school. These teachers were able to show me how fascinating numbers were while teaching me how to apply this fascination with numbers to a multitude of real-life applications. It was this passion that these teachers instilled in me that led me to set a goal to pursue mathematics in college.

Currently, I am working towards acquiring a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with a concentration in Computational Mathematics. My goal beyond graduation is to pursue a PhD in Computational/Applied Mathematics to create mathematical models and algorithms for industries or government labs. To help prepare myself for the rigor of graduate level research and to open up future possibilities in mathematics, I have participated in the Math Consultation Clinic at Louisiana State University with Dr. Peter Wolenski, Dr. Stephen Shipman, and Dr. Ameziane Harhad, as well as three graduate students and three undergraduate students pursuing degrees in mathematics. With this opportunity, I was able to create a Graphical User Interface in MATLAB that incorporated an algorithm that we developed in order to track a microwave transceiver on a hand-held device using eight optical-flow sensors. Exposure to this type of research will be advantageous when it is time for me to make my goals more clear, specific, and measurable by applying to certain graduate schools that specialize in Computational/Applied Mathematics.

Not only have these professors taught me about mathematics, but they have also continuously fueled my love and passion for mathematics simply by giving me opportunities to challenge myself with the mysteries of mathematics. Without the help and passion given to me by these very special teachers and mentors in my life, I do not believe that I would be pursuing a degree in mathematics and ultimately be the student that I am today.