VIR Presentations, May 5, 2009
Mathematics Department, Louisiana State University
Keisler Lounge, Lockett Hall

Optimization Team explaining to Blaise Bourdin Paul explaining to Blaise; Jessica looking on Optimization Team
Jennifer explaining to Rob Lipton & friends Resonance Team's poster Resonance Team
Jessica presenting the overview Jessica on resonance Jessica
Kathy presenting First page of Team R's presentation Kathy presenting
Jennifer explaining transmission anomalies Jennifer pointing out the discrete model Jennifer on resonance
Kathy talking by her team's poster; Jennifer looking on Team R and their GUI Captivated audience
Clayton on structural perturbations Clayton and his simulations Clayton and his gooey
Maliha explaining the weak form of a scattering problem Maliha on variational calculus Maliha
Steven on Optimization Steven 'Smore Steven
Paul explaining the optimization algorithm Paul's epsilon Paul
Gestur Olafsson and friends Paul on variation of the phase of the transmitted field After the talks: Clayton, Hairui, Jennifer, Maliha, Silvia
Stephen, Hairui, Clayton, Jennifer, and Maliha at the Resonace poster Same people at the Optimization poster Robert Perlis visiting the Resonance poster (x=shipman)