VIR Presentations, December 6, 2012
Mathematics Department, Louisiana State University
Keisler Lounge, Lockett Hall

Quantum Group and Lokendra Jacek Cygan at Electromagnetic poster Mathcats explaining to Larry Smolinsky and Bill Hofmann.
TMF group and resonant waveguides in lattices Electromagnetic poster Quantum poster with Robert Perlis and Julia Ledet
EM poster Mathcats with Robert Perlis and Julia Ledet Emelie and Jeremy explaining to Blaise Bourdin
Discussions Quantum group with Gestur Olafsson and Jacek Cygan Jeremy explaining to Blaise
Peter Wolenski, etc. Andrew and EM group EM group: Laura, Joe, Andrew
Mathcats' poster on embedded impurity bands Frank Neubrander, Julia Ledet, and food Overview on resonance by Cristina Davis
Overview on resonance by Cristina Davis Jeremy B. on polarization Jerome for the Quantum Group, with Jeremy and Patrick
Audience Laura on electromagnetic waveguides and resonance Andrew explaining EM resonance in waveguides
Joe for the EM group Transition from EM waveguides to lattice waveguides Ian on lattice vibrations
Emelie on dispersion relations Jeremy T. on resonance Jeremy B. and Jerome listening
Audience Mathcats on embedded impurity bands Charles introduces the Mathcats' project
Dominique from the Mathcats' project on embedded impurity bands Andrew W. for the Mathcats The Mathcats (x=shipman)