About Me

My name is Sean Taylor.  I am a graduate student at Louisiana State University.  I am currently working with Pramod Achar on algebraic geometry and geometric representation theory and with Gestur Olafsson on unitary representations of real Lie groups and harmonic analyis on homogeneous spaces.  In general, my interests are representation theory and Lie theory and the tools these theories use. I also have an interest in algebraic geometry. In my spare time, I enjoy reading literature and philosophy, playing board games, and getting to relax with my wife and daughter.

A beautiful synthesis

One of the most beautiful aspects of both Lie theory and representation theory is seeing how they interact with all branches of mathematics.

Representation theory and Lie theory

Representation theory and Lie theory are closely connected and highly intertwined areas of mathematics.  In fact, I believe that they are essentially at the heart of the mathematical world.  Much of contemporary representation theory deals with representations of Lie theoretic objects:  Lie groups, algebraic groups, and Lie algebras.  Representation theory also shows up in studying the geometry and analysis of homogeneous spaces.


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