Research Interests

Specifically, right now I have three main topics that I am studying.  I am looking at toric varieties and their topology via perverse sheaves from a perspective inspired by representation theoretic methods.  I am also studying Koszul duality in the context of representation theory and geometry in the style of Beilinson, Ginzburg, and Soergel.  Finally, I am studying harmonic analyis on infinite dimensional symmetric spaces.

Curriculum Vitae


Please email me for any questions you might have.

Future Research Interests

Besides what I am doing now, I have interests in D-modules and localization techniques in representation theory, mixed Hodge modules as related to mixed categories, algebraic geometry of toric varieties in both the contexts of complex geometry and geometry over finite fields, and questions related to harmonic analysis on homogeneous spaces, such as reflection positivity, both finite and infinite dimensional.


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