MATH 2058

Multi-Dimensional Calculus: Fall 2011

Bonus Assignment: Math in the Media


Find an application of mathematics in the current media: newspaper, news magazine, internet publicity of an event that has occurred since the beginning of the semester. In an document of a most one page (in electronic format: Word, RTF, LaTeX, etc.) describe (in your own words)the event and then provide a technical description of the required mathematics.


Submit thru the course Moodle site (still in process of setup). Initially you may email completed documents to me.


I will record 0-5 points in the grade book for a completed bonus submission. You may submit as many as you wish. However, only the highest two scored submissions will be added into your hour test total. The remaining scores will be added to your cumulative webwork score (5 points = one additional correct problem.)

Neal W. Stoltzfus   Fall 2011