Math 7590

Math 7590: Seminar on Braid Theory

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    Math 7590:      Seminar in Topology: Braids
    Time/Place:     12:10 noon - 1:30 pm TTh --- 244 Lockett Hall.
    Instructor:     Neal Stoltzfus
    Office:         Lockett 258:   578.1656
    Office Hours:   TTh 1:30pm or by appointment
    Web Page:	URL:
                    This site will contain this document on course information, 
                    and links to additional web resources.
    Prerequisite:   Point-set topology, fundamental groups and modules over rings.
    Textbook:   Kassel/Turaev, Braid Groups, Springer
    	We will cover Chapters:  1,2,3,4 and 6, if time permits
    Project:  Development of a topic related to braids. An oral presentation of your project
    	will be made during the last week of class. A written report will be submitted
    	by the Final Exam date.
    Grades:  Grading will be weighted as follows:
    	Project:  		 50%
    	Research Paper Reviews:  20%
    	Other "portfolio" items: 30%
    Last update: 12 January, 2009