Stefan van Zwam's homepage


Assistant professor, Department of Mathematics, Louisiana State University.


My research area is Combinatorial Optimization, which lies at the intersection of Operations Research, Computer Science and Mathematics. My main focus is on Matroid Theory, in particular connectivity functions, and structural and algorithmic aspects of matroids representable over finite fields. In the past I have worked on sphere packing and on algorithmic game theory. See my research page for papers and my talks page for slides of most of my recent talks.

I regularly use computational tools to assist with my research. As such I use, and contribute to the development of, the open-source project SageMath. See also my software page.

Recently I got involved in a multi-disciplinary, multi-institute NSF-funded project to build software that simplifies the leveraging of High-Performance Computing in Big Data applications. See this website for more information.

Current Grant Support

NSF grant 1500343 as P.I. and NSF grant 1737785 as Senior Investigator. See my CV page for more details.


My current PhD student is Kevin Grace.


I edit and write for the Matroid Union, a blog for and by the matroid theory community.


I volunteer at the Futures Fund, where I help teach middle and high school youth coding and web design skills, setting them on a path to a career in technology.


Phone: (225) 578-1588
Office: 224 Lockett Hall