Helena Verrill's Teaching


Current Spring 2010 Linear Algebra (Math 2085)
Probability (Math 3355)
Past Fall 2009 Elementary number theory (Math 4181)
Solving Discrete Problems (Math 2020)
Fall 2007 Elementary number theory (Math 4181)
Spring 2007 Applied algebra (Math 4023)
Differential equations and linear algebra (Math 2090)
Spring 2006 Applied algebra (Math 4023)
Fall 2005 Solving Discrete Problems (Math 2020)
Topics in Galois theory (Math 7211)
Summer 2005 reading courses in topology and in Galois theory
Spring 2005 Solving Discrete Problems (Math 2020)
7999-11(a) Elliptic Curve cryptography (reading course, following Blake, Seroussi, Smart's book).
7999-11(b) Modular symbols (reading course, following papers of Cremona, Stein, Shokurov, etc).
Fall 2004 Calculus (Math 1550, section 5)
Elliptic curves (Math 7280)
Spring 2004 Calculus (Math 1550, section 6)
Modular forms (Math 7280)
Fall 2003 Calculus (Math 1550, section 20)
Summer 2003 LSU REU 2003 (fundamental domains)
Teaching prior to being at LSU
Winter 1998 Calculus 006 (at Queen's University, Canada)
Spring 1997 Linear Algebra 112 (at Queen's University, Canada)

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