Computing with the Jacobian of a genus 2 curve

The programs below can be used to do the following:

  1. Compute an equation for a genus 2 curve with a given Jacobian.
  2. Move points between the analytic Jacobian (as a torus) and the algebraic Jacobian (as a variety).
  3. Work with a fundamental domain for 2 dimensional Siegel upper half-space.

This functionality is now (2004) available in MAGMA v11, but MAGMA isn't free...

All the programs and documentation are in the following tar archive, genus2.tar (461k) or compressed tar archive, genus2.tar.gz (173k).

Or you can just take what you need from the following list of all the files:

  1. FindCurve directory:
  2. Jacobian directory:
  3. FundamentalDomain directory:

Enjoy! and please feel free to contact me with any problems.

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Created: February 9, 2001. Last modified: November 21, 2004.