Introduction to Algebraic Topology

Spring 2016 Mathematics W4053 section 001
Columbia University, Department of Mathematics
Day/Time: Tuesdays&Thursdays 5:40pm-6:55pm
Location: 520 Mathematics Building

Instructor: Anton Zeitlin

Office hours: Monday, 2 pm-3 pm and by appointment
Grade distribution: 30% homeworks, 30% Midterm, 40 % Final
Midterm: Tuesday, March 8
Final exam: Take-home
TA: Kat Christianson
TA office hours: 4-5pm on Tuesdays and 12-1pm on Thursdays

Approximate Syllabus.

Part I. Basic homotopy theory

Part II. Homology

Lecture-to-lecture syllabus. Will be updated in timely manner (with notes).


      Homework 1. pdf due February 4
      Homework 2. pdf due February 18
      Homework 3. pdf due March 3
      Homework 4. pdf due March 31
      Homework 5. pdf due April 14

Recommended books: