Teaching at Louisiana State University

Fall 2018   CALCULUS I  
Fall 2017   CALCULUS I  

Teaching at Columbia University

Undergraduate Seminars: "Coordinates on Teichmueller space", April 5, 2017

Spring 2017 MATH GR6403 Section 001 MODERN GEOMETRY   Lecture Notes
Fall 2016 MATH UN1102 Section 006 CALCULUS II  
MATH UN1102 Section 007
Spring 2016 MATH W4053 Section 001 INTRO TO ALGEBRAIC TOPOLOGY Lecture Notes
Fall 2015 MATH V1201 Section 010 CALCULUS III  
MATH V1201 Section 011
Spring 2015 MATH G6440 Section 001 CONFORMAL FIELD THEORY Lecture Notes
Fall 2014 MATH V1201 section 011 CALCULUS III  
MATH V1201 section 012
Spring 2013 MATH V1101 section 001 CALCULUS I  
Fall 2012 MATH V1101 section 005 CALCULUS I  

Teaching at Yale University

Spring 2012 MATH 120b Calculus of Functions of Several Variables Lecturer
Spring 2011 MATH 112b Calculus of Functions of One Variable I Lecturer
Spring 2010 MATH 115b Calculus of Functions of One Variable II Lecturer
Spring 2009 MATH 112b Calculus of Functions of One Variable I Lecturer
Spring 2008 MATH 230 Vector Calculus and Linear Algebra Teaching Assistant
Spring 2007   Calculus Tutor

My Lectures on Conformal Field Theory

Physics Faculty, St. Petersburg State University, Spring 2004 (Program)
St.Petersburg Division of Steklov Mathematical Institute, Fall 2004 (Program)

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