Math 2057 Fall 2016: Multidimensional Calculus (Calculus III)


1. Welcome to the class! The first lecture will be on Aug. 23.

Course Information
Lecturer:        Jiuyi Zhu (  at Lockett Hall 323
Meeting for Section 4:    TTh 10:30 AM--11:50 AM, at Tureaud Hall 105
Meeting for Section 5:     TTh 12:00 PM--1:20 PM, at Tureaud Hall 221
Office Hours:   TW 3:00PM--4:00PM or  by appointment
Grader for Section 4:  Muneed Yusufi,           Email:                  
Office Hours: 
  F 3:00PM--4:00PM     at Lockett Hall 383
Grader for Section 5:  Keng Ooi                     Email:                      
Office Hours: 
  W 4:00PM--5:00PM    at Lockett Hall 282

Text:  Calculus, Early Transcendentals 7th Edition by James Stewart, Sections 14.1-16.9


Grade Policy:

There will be weekly homework sets (10%), Pop-up quizzes (10%),  two midterm exams (40%) and a final (40%). The schedule of the midterm exams are on Sept. 29 and Nov. 03, 2016 in class. And the final exam will be on Dec 05 for Section 4 and  Dec 07 for Section 5.  The place will be announced later on.

Grades Scale:

Your letter grade will be assigned as follows:  90-93% =A-, 94-97% =A, 98-100% =A+, 80-82% =B-, 83-86% =B, 87-89% =B+, 70-72%=C-, 73-76%=C, 77-79%=C+, 60-62%=D-, 63-66%=D, 67-69%=D+, and 59% or less=F.

Quizzes and Exams:

No books or notes are permitted in quizzes and exams. There will be pop-up quizzes. Each quiz is about 15 minutes long and may consists of problems chosen from homework assignments. The lowest quiz score will be dropped in the end. No make-up quiz will be given. There will be two in-class 50-minute-long midterms exams. No make-up exams will be given unless a compelling documented excuse is presented. If you must miss an exam, you should notify the course instructor well prior to the exam, and the excuse must be a valid, fully documented one and one which is officially approved.


Homework will be assigned and be completed through WebAssign Students are required to sign up WebAssign with your LSU account. This course is cumulative, so it is essential to complete homework timely in order not to fall behind. The questions in the quizzes, midterm exams and final exam may be similar to some of homework problems. Students are recommended to work out a complete solution for each homework assignment on paper before typing in the answer in WebAssign. Students may work in groups on the homework, but each student should write up his/her own solutions on paper.


We will be using WebAssign to do online homework. A WebAssign access code is included with your textbook, or you can purchase access directly from the WebAssign website without buying a book at all. Access to WebAssign also gives you access to the e-book version of our textbook, so if you like using e-books then there is no need to buy a physical textbook. An access code may also be purchased without a textbook at campus bookstores with a small markup in price. Create a WebAssign account by going to and clicking on the link labelled “I have a class key.” The key for section 4 is lsu 6200 9251, for section 5 is lsu 2939 0796. In the field that asks for your student ID, enter your LSU ID number (89....) without any hyphens or spaces. The student ID number is needed to transfer your scores into the Moodle gradebook.

Computer Support:
The full power of Mathematica is available on many LSU computers, including those in the Math Department's computer labs and in the Library as well.  There is a simplified Web Mathematica which is free to use online.The Plot3D function is available and work fast for surface graphs.
General Advice:
As a 3-credit course, students are expected to have 6 hours of coursework outside of class per week, for a minimum time commitment of 9 hours per week.  It is critical to attend all classes and not to fall behind. No cell phones and No computers are allowed during the lecture, except for note taking. The lectures will be conducted as if you have already read the material. In this manner, you can focus mainly on those parts of the lectures that cover the areas of your reading you found difficult to understand. If you experience any difficulty in this course, please seek help in the tutoring room and visit my office hours as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to catch up with missed lectures. You are responsible for the announcements made in class, which may include changes to the syllabus.
Academic Integrity:
You are taking this course under the guideline of LSU Code of Student Conduct. The University has clear policies about academic honesty. If there is clear evidence that a student has committed fraud to advance his/her academic status (e.g. cheating on an exam or quiz), your instructor will report to the Office of the Dean of Students, and the relevant exams or quizzes will result in 0 score.

Disability Policy:

Please address any special needs or special accommodations with me at the beginning of the semester or as soon as you become aware of your needs. Those seeking accommodations based on disabilities should obtain forms from the Disability Services (DS) is located in room 115 of Johnston Hall (225-578-5919).

Extra Help:

·     A Five-Step Plan for Grade Improvement

·    Consult with the instructor during the office hours.

·    CAS Tutoring Center: Free tutoring service is available in 141B Middleton Library. No appointment is necessary. Check the    website for opening hours.

·    Private Tutoring: A current list of available private tutors each semester is available in the Math Department at 303 Lockett Hall, and   the CAS website


Lecture Schedule

Disclaimer: The schedule of future readings is approximate, and is always subject to change. Be sure to check this page for updated information.



Aug. 23--Aug. 25

14.1 Functions of Several variables
14.2  Limits and continuity

Aug. 30--Sept. 1

14.3 Partial Derivatives

14.4 Tangent planes and Linear Approximation

Sept. 06--Sept. 8

14.5 The Chain Rule

14.6 Directional Derivative and Gradient Derivative

Sept. 13 --Sep. 15

14.7 Maximum and Minimum Values

14.8 Lagrange Multipliers

15.1 Double integral over Rectangles

Sept. 20--Sept. 22

15.2 Iterated Integrals

15.3 Double Integrals over general Region

15.4 Double Integrals in Polar Coordinate

Sept. 27--Sept. 29

15.5 Applications of Double integrals

15.6 Surface Area,

Midterm 1 (Sept. 29 in class)

Oct. 4

15.7 Triple Integrals

 Oct. 6 (Fall holiday)

Oct. 11--Oct. 13

15.8 Triple Integrals in Cylindrical Coordinate

15.9 Triple Integrals in Spherical Coordinate

Oct. 18--Oct. 20

15.10 Change of Variables in Multiple Integral

16.1 Vector Fields

Oct. 25--Oct. 27

16.2 Line Integrals

16.3 Fundamental Theorem

Nov. 1--Nov. 3

16.4 Green's Theorem


Midterm 2 (Nov. 03 in class)

Nov. 8--Nov. 10

16.5 Curl and Divergence

16.6 Parametric surfaces and their areas

Nov. 15--Nov. 17

16.7 Surface Integrals
16.8 Stokes' Theorem

Nov. 22

16.9 The Divergence Theorem

(Nov 24)(Thanksgiving)

Nov. 29- Dec. 1

Final Review


        Dec 05 Final Exam for Section 4 10:00 am--12:00 pm,

Dec 07

Final Exam for Section 5

3:00 pm--5:00 pm,