Louisiana State University

Columbia University

Columbia University REU

  • Summer 2014: Teaching Assistant, Left-Orderable Groups and Knot Surgery

    I helped Jennifer Hom run a summer undergraduate research project, in which the students showed that certain twisted torus knots, known to be L-space knots, have knot groups that are not left-orderable. Their paper is available here.

Columbia University Science Honors Program

  • Spring 2016: Instructor, Knots and Manifolds
  • Fall 2015: Instructor, Knots and Manifolds
  • Fall 2014: Co-Instructor (with Andrea Heyman), Knot Theory
  • Spring 2014: Co-Instructor (with Andrea Heyman), Knot Theory

    I taught knot theory and manifold theory to high school students in the tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades in a prestigious, highly selective Saturday morning programme.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong: Enrichment Programme for Young Mathematics Talents

  • Summer 2013: Teaching Assistant, Towards Differential Geometry (Chi Hin Lau)

    I taught talented high school students in Form 4, 5 and 6, in tutorial sessions, to solidify their understanding of concepts such as curvature of a curve, geodesics and Gaußian curvature of a surface. I presented the proof of the Gauß--Bonnet Theorem in the final session.