Special Session

Arrangements in Topology and Algebraic Geometry

American Mathematical Society · Spring Southeastern Sectional Meeting
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
March 14-16, 2003

Organizers:  Dan Cohen   and  Alex Suciu

* Friday, March 14
Afternoon Session Room 226, Tureaud Hall
2:15 Michael Falk Projective line complexes and resonance varieties
2:55 Graham Denham Equivariant Euler characteristics of Milnor fibres of reflection arrangements
3:35 Anne Shepler Graded Hecke algebras
4:15 David Forge Some combinatorics of Orlik-Solomon algebras
4:55 José Ignacio Cogolludo Alexander Modules, Derived Series and Hyperplane Arrangements
* Saturday, March 15
Morning Session Room 226, Tureaud Hall
9:00 Richard Randell Cell structures for arrangements
9:40 Kevin Knudson Completions of braid groups
10:20 Karl-Dieter Crisman Chow groups on complements of arrangements; a first step
* Saturday, March 15
Afternoon Session Room 226, Tureaud Hall
2:30 Andras Némethi Seiberg-Witten invariants and surface singularities
3:10 Laura Stevens Modular transformations of the elliptic hypergeometric functions, Macdonald polynomials, and the shift operator
3:50 Richard Scott Mock reflection groups and blow-ups of real hyperplane arrangements
4:30 Satyan Devadoss Associahedra in tori and projective spaces
* Sunday, March 16
Morning Session Room 226, Tureaud Hall
8:00   Problem Session
10:00 Peter Orlik Gauss-Manin connections for arrangements
10:40 Kwai-Man Fan Deformations of complexified real arrangements
11:20 Aaron Abrams Optimal trajectories for robots in the plane


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