A.M.S. 2002 Fall Central Section Meeting

University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

October 12 - 13, 2002

Special Session on Arrangements of Hyperplanes

Organizers: Daniel C. Cohen, Anne Shepler, and Peter Orlik

Saturday, October 12 
Session I
9:00AM    Hiroaki Terao The Hodge filtration and the contact-order filtration of derivations of Coxeter arrangements
9:30AM    Eva-Maria Feichtner Cohomology of wonderful compactifications and intersection theory on toric varieties
10:00AM    Graham Denham Torsion in homology of Milnor fibres
10:30AM    Uli Walther Bernstein-Sato polynomials and Milnor fibers of generic arrangements
11:00AM    Michael W. Davis The l 2-cohomology of hyperplane complements
Session II
2:00PM    Sergey Yuzvinsky Topological robotics and arrangement complements
2:30PM    Helene Barcelo A-Theory and real linear hyperplane arrangements
3:00PM    Michael J. Falk The line geometry of resonance varieties
3:30PM    Robin Pemantle Generating functions whose denominator is a hyperplane arrangement
4:00PM    Dmitry N. Kozlov Discrete models for algebraic invariants of spaces of polynomials
4:30PM    Ken Jewell A simplified CW-complex with the homotopy type of the complement of a complexified real hyperplane arrangement
Sunday, October 13 
Session III
9:00AM    Frederick R. Cohen On braid groups, free groups, and the loop space of the 2-sphere
9:30AM    Richard Randell Properties of arrangement groups
10:00AM    Alexander I. Suciu Chen Lie algebras and combinatorics of arrangements
10:30AM    Anne V. Shepler Reflection groups, mysterious numerology, and the coinvariant algebra
11:00AM    Daniel C. Cohen Discriminantal arrangements, critical points, and resonant local systems

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