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[A picture of Litherland in a deckchair.]

Here's a picture of a hyperboloid showing the double ruling, and here's another view. (They were taken in Corporation Street, Manchester (England).)

General information

Richard A. Litherland.
University of Cambridge, 1979. My supervisor was Cameron Gordon.
Research interests:
Low-dimensional topology, particularly knot theory. Here's a list of my papers.
Former PhD students, with dissertation titles:
Sam Nelson, Racks, quandles and virtual knots, 2002.
Bill Schellhorn, Virtual strings for closed curves with multiple components and filamentations for virtual links, 2005.
Steve Wallace, Surgery Description of Colored Knots, 2008.
Office Location and Phone:
378 Lockett Hall; (225) 578-1573.
Email Address:

Information for students

Spring 2018:
4031 (Advanced Calculus I)
7512 (Topology II)