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Jean-Pierre Serre's Colloquium

Jean-Pierre Serre with LSU faculty and graduate students after his colloquium (full photo). The colloquium was a precursor of a conference on Applications of Automorphic Forms in Number Theory and Combinatorics.

Applications of Automorphic Forms in Number Theory and Combinatorics

A major research conference with the above title will be hosted by our Department from Aprl 12 to April 15 this year. The conference is held in honor of the lifelong work of Wen-Ching Winnie Li, whose numerous titles and accolades include

  • Distinguished Professor at Pennsylvania State University
  • Ho Chin Tui Chair Professor at National Tsinghua University, Taiwan
  • Chern Prize Recipient
  • AMS Fellow
  • Director of National Center of Theoretical Sciences in Taiwan

The list of plenary speakers includes

  • Jean-Pierre Serre, Collège de France
  • John Tate, Harvard
  • George Andrews, Penn State
  • Kathrin Bringmann, Universität zu Köln
  • Ching-Li Chai, UPenn
  • YoungJu Choie, POSTECH, Korea
  • Henri Darmon, McGill
  • Dorian Goldfeld, Columbia
  • Benedict Gross, Harvard
  • Jeffrey Lagarias, UMichigan
  • Kristin Lauter, Microsoft
  • Tong Liu, Purdue
  • Ram Murty, Queen’s
  • Ken Ono, Emory
  • Ken Ribet, UC Berkeley
  • Peter Sarnak, Princeton
  • Shouwu Zhang, Princeton