Math Links

There are thousands of mathematical sites on the web. Below are several extensive great sites followed by other fun sites.

AMS Information for Math Majors

  1. Graduate School, Special Semesters, Conferences, Internships, and more
  2. A list of summer REUs (Research Experiences for Undergraduates Summer Programs). These programs offer support, a great experience, and we, the LSU Math Department, will excuse you from the Capstone Course for successful completion of an REU.

Four Great Sites

  • The Mathematical Science Research Institute offers an undergraduate program called MSRI-UP. Also a wide variety of Streaming Video is available free. The video will vary from videos for undergraduates to videos for researchers to videos on mathematics education.
  • The University of St. Andrews in Scotland offers The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive. It is wonderful extensive mathematical site. It contains:
    • History of mathematics
    • Biographies of mathematicians
    • An index of famous curves
  • The NCTM Classroom Resources page contains material for students at all levels from elementary school through graduate school.
  • Mathworld is Wolfram Research's mathematical resource. It has thousands of mathematics articles and many have graphics and animation. It also is a resource for the physical sciences.

Other Fun And Informative Sites

Centre for the Popularization of Mathematics, University of Wales, Bangor UK.