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Postdocs and Research Associates

Photo of Candelori

Luca Candelori
Postdoc, Ph.D. McGill University
Research interest: Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry
Office: 335 Lockett Hall
Telephone: +1 225 578 8603

Photo of Clark

Benjamin Clark
Postdoc, Ph.D. Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)
Research interest: Matroid theory, graph theory
Office: 230 Lockett Hall
Office hours: MW 2:00pm–3:00pm
Telephone: +1 225 578 1563

Photo of Diegel

Amanda Diegel
Postdoc, Ph.D. University of Tennessee
Research interest: Numerical analysis
Office: 107 Lockett Hall
Office hours: MW 2:30pm–4:00pm

Photo of Guevara

Cristi Guevara
Postdoc, Ph.D. Arizona State University
Research interest: Nonlinear PDE, Real Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Microlocal Analysis, Fractals, Mathematical Physics, Mathematical Geology and Mathematics Education
Office: 110 Lockett Hall
Telephone: +1 225 578 7866

Photo of Hardesty

William Hardesty
Postdoc, Ph.D. University of Georgia
Office: 147 Lockett Hall

Photo of Hermosilla

Cristopher Hermosilla
Postdoc, Ph.D. Université Paris-Saclay (France)
Research interest: Optimal control, calculus of variations
Office: 105 Lockett Hall
Office hours: WTh 11:00am–12:00pm
Telephone: +1 225 578 1626

Photo of Jha

Prashant Kumar Jha
Postdoc, Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University
Research interest: Multi-scale methods, Theoretical and Continuum Mechanics, Electrostatics and Material Modeling
Office: 145 Lockett Hall

Photo of Marshall

Emily Marshall
Postdoc, Ph.D. Vanderbilt University
Research interest: Graph theory
Office: 108 Lockett Hall

Photo of Polizzi

Anthony Polizzi
MURI Postdoc, Ph.D. Tulane University
Research interest: Analysis and computation of partial differential equations, stochastic modeling
Office: 101 Lockett Hall
Telephone: +1 225 578 1529