Departmental Programs:

The current graduate students welcome the incoming graduate class with the Graduate Education and Acclimation to the University eXperience, or the G.E.A.U.X. program.

High School Math Contest
The LSU Mathematics High School Math Contest is a chance for students to test their mathematical mettle in individual competition, engage in team competition, and for teachers to meet and mingle with colleagues and LSU faculty.

LSU MathCircle
Open to advanced high school students from Louisiana, this is a 3 week program that offers an environment full of challenges and critical thinking. The participants are exposed to a wide variety of math that they would not normally encounter in high school. They get a chance to visit local research facilities and see many real-world applications of math.

Math Tune-Up
The workshop is aimed at incoming, first, or second year graduate students in any discipline interested in reviewing key mathematical topics that are usually needed in graduate school.

College Readiness Dual Enrollment Program
The LSU College Readiness Program was developed to assist Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Advanced Math, and AP Calculus teachers to better prepare their students for college.  Teachers receive professional development at an 8-day summer workshop at LSU and become certified to participate in the LSU College Readiness Program by completing all of the workshop and program requirements.  During the academic year, teachers use an online teaching and learning system called MyMathLab (MML) to deliver learning aids along with homework, quizzes, and tests to students in the high school classroom.  When implemented appropriately, this system has been shown to improve student learning in both entry-level college math and upper-level high school math courses.

Student Programs and Clubs:

ASA: Actuarial Student Association
The Actuarial Student Association was established to assist students in their study of Actuarial Science and facilitate the communication between students and prospective employers. ASA is also a place for interested students to learn more about the actuarial profession and make informed career decisions.
AWM: Association for Women in Mathematics
The LSU student chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics serves as a mechanism for all students, regardless of major or gender, to be exposed to the world of professional mathematics, to obtain information about the varied career options in mathematics, to network with professional mathematicians, and to develop leadership skills.
LSU Math Club
The Math Club is an officially recognized organization of undergraduate students who promote and engage in activities of mathematical interest.
SIAM: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
The mission of the LSU SIAM student chapter is to promote interdisciplinary interest in applied mathematics. Membership is open to graduate students, faculty and senior undergraduates. Student members get the additional benefit of SIAM membership.
Student Colloquium
The goal of the LSU Student Colloquium is to give both graduate students and advanced undergraduates the opportunity to hear and interact with speakers from across the country, providing information and perspective possibly relevant to their graduate and postgraduate careers.

Research Connections:

Capstone Course
The Math 4020 "Consultation Clinic" provides opportunities for students to work jointly with industry and apply their mathematical skills to solve real-world problems.

Archive of Past Programs:

IMRAM: Initiative for Minority Recruiting and Mentoring in Mathematics
The LSU department of mathematics has embarked on a renewed initiative to recruit and mentor students from the historically underrepresented minority groups in mathematics and physical sciences. Partially funded by Louisiana board of regents, the IMRAM project strategically aims to foster enthusiasm, interest and competence among its participants and help them become successful in their chosen careers.
REU: Research Experience for Undergraduates
The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program supports active research participation by undergraduate students in the areas of research represented by members of the department.
SMILE@LSU: VIGRE Summer Program
The NSF VIGRE summer program at LSU is designed for well motivated mathematics majors who have completed their first two years of college. Such undergraduate students who are U.S. Citizens or permanent residents may apply.