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This is a list of all those who received a PhD from the LSU Mathematics Department, including any information that we have concerning subsequent employment. If any listing is incomplete, or if someone who should be listed is missing, please send us the information at

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LSU PhD Graduates

Count Name Year/Major Professor Dissertation Job(s)
2024Return to Top
438 Emma Lien May 2024, Ling Long Finite Monodromy and Artin Representations TBA
437 Joseph Dorta May 2024, Pramod Achar The Modular Generalized Springer Correspondence for the Symplectic Group Assistant Professor, USMA West Point
436 Zhongkai Mi May 2024, Milen Yakimov The Lowest Discriminant Ideal of Cayley-Hamilton Hopf Algebras Postdoc, Fudan University, Shanghai Center for Mathematical Sciences
435 Jorge Villalobos May 2024, Stephen Shipman Reducibility of Schrödinger Operators on Multilayer Graphs Visiting Professor, University of Costa Rica
434 Phuc An Vinh Nguyen May 2024, Guoli Ding Unavoidable Topological Minors of Large or Infinite 3-connected Rooted Graphs TX A&M Data Science Graduate Program
433 Jake Murphy May 2024, Pallavi Dani Subroups of Coxeter Groups and Stallings Foldings TBA
432 Iswarya Sitiraju May 2024, Gestur Ólafsson Analytic Wavefront Sets of Spherical Distributions on the De Sitter Space TBA
431 Justin Murray May 2024, Shea Vela-Vick The Homotopy Cardinality of the Representation Category TBA
430 Vishnu Sivaprasad May 2024, Pramod Achar Auslander-Reiten Triangles on a Bounded Derived Category of Constructible Complexes TBA
429 Andrew Hicks May 2024, Shawn Walker Modeling and Numerical Analysis of the Cholesteric Landau-de Gennes Model Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Carnegie Mellon
2023Return to Top
428 Kevin Kellinsky-Gonzalez Aug. 2023, Ricardo Estrada Some New Techniques and their Applications in the Theory of Distributions Visiting Asst. Prof., Mathematics Department, UConn Stamford
427 Miao Zhang May 2023, Hongchao Zhang First-Order Algorithms for Nonlinear Structured Optimization Applied Scientist, Amazon
426 Samuel Wilson May 2023, Richard Ng SL(2,Z) Representations and 2-Semiregular Modular Categories St. Edwards College
425 SeongHee Jeong May 2023, Susanne Brenner Finite Element Methods for Elliptic Optimal Control Problems with General Tracking Postdoc, Florida State University
424 Cameron Crenshaw May 2023, James Oxley Matroid Generalizations of Some Graph Results Security Researcher, Software Engineering Institute
423 Khalid Bdarneh May 2023, Gestur Ólafsson Analytic Continuation of Toeplitz Operators and Commuting Families of C*-Algebras Asst. Professor, University of Jordan
Lee Fisher, UC Irvine Mar. 2023, Abel Klein (UCI) and Stephen Shipman (LSU) Localization for the Random XXZ Spin-J Chain and Embedded Eigenvalues in Defective Periodic Quantum Graphs Data Scientist at US NAVY (NAVAIR); then Signals Processing Engineer at Leidos
2022Return to Top
422 Fayadh Kadhem Dec. 2022, Milen Yakimov A Cluster Structure on the Coordinate Ring of Partial Flag Varieties University of Bahrain; then American University of Bahrain
421 Nurdin Takenov Aug. 2022, Oliver Dasbach On a Relation Between ADO and Links-Gould Invariants Mathematics Instructor, LSU
420 Sudipta Ghosh Aug. 2022, Scott Baldridge, Shea Vela-Vick Connected Sums and Directed Systems in Knot Floer Homologies Post-doc Max Planck Inst. Bonn; Kenna Visiting Assistant Professor (Postdoc) Notre Dame
419 Vishwa Dewage Aug. 2022, Gestur Ólafsson Commutative C*-Algebras Generated by Toeplitz Operators on the Fock Space Postdoc, Clemson University
418 Jayasinghage Ruchira Nirmali Perera Aug. 2022, Robert Lipton Bloch Spectra for High Contrast Elastic Media Lecturer, Norwich University
417 Sudip Sinha May 2022, Hui-Hsiung Kuo, Padmanabhan Sundar Anticipating Stochastic Integrals and Related Linear Stochastic Differential Equations Applied Scientist, Amazon
416 Robert Quarles May 2022, Oliver Dasbach, David Shea Vela-Vick A New Perspective on a Polynomial Time Knot Polynomial Visiting Asst. Prof., Berry College
415 Pujan Shrestha May 2022, Hui-Hsiung Kuo, Padmanabhan Sundar General Stochastic Calculus and Applications Postdoctoral Fellow, TX A&M Institute of Biosciences and Technology, Houston
414 Jagdeep Singh May 2022, James Oxley Characterizations of Certain Classes of Graphs and Matroids Postdoctoral Fellow, SUNY Binghamton
413 Sarah Allred May 2022, Bogdan Oporowski Unavoidable Structures in Large and Infinite Graphs Postdoctoral Fellow, Vanderbilt University
2021Return to Top
412 Nha Van Tran Dec. 2021, Blaise Bourdin Optimal Design Problems with State Constraints Postdoctoral Fellow, UT Austin
411 Shashika Nuwan Chamara Petta Mestrige Dec. 2021, Fang-Ting Tu, Karl Mahlburg Congruences Between Coefficients of a Class of Eta-Quotients and their Applications to Combinatorics Asst. Prof., Vermont Technical College
410 Alisina Azhang Dec. 2021, Daniel Sage Rigid Connections on the Projective Line with Elliptic Toral Singularities Mathematics Instructor, LSU
409 Irfan Alam Aug. 2021, Karl Mahlburg, Ambar Sengupta Applications of Nonstandard Analysis in Probability and Measure Theory Hans Rademacher Instructor at University of Pennsylvania
408 Tamanna Chatterjee Aug. 2021, Pramod Achar Study of Parity Sheaves Arising from Graded Lie Algebras Post Doctoral Research and Teaching Associate, University of Georgia
407 Ryan Leigon Aug. 2021, Shea Vela-Vick, Scott Baldridge An Equivalence Between Contact Gluing Maps in Sutured Floer Homology: A Conjecture of Zarev Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic
406 Liem Nguyen Aug. 2021, Ling Long On Properties of Weil Sums of Binomials Visiting Assistant Prof. at Haverford College, Haverford, PA
405 Bao Pham Aug. 2021, Ling Long, Fang-Ting Tu Algorithms Related to Triangle Groups Instructor for Johns Hopkins Center For Talented Youth
404 Kent Vashaw Aug. 2021, Milen Yakimov Noncommutative Tensor Triangular Geometry and Its Applications to Representation Theory NSF Mathematical Sciences Research Postdoc, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
403 Andrew Alaniz May 2021, Daniel Sage A Conjecture on the Irregularity Function for Local Geometric Langlands Parameters and the Formal Frenkel-Gross Connection Managing Partner at CleverSolve LLC, Baton Rouge, LA
402 Rima Chatterjee May 2021, Shea Vela-Vick Knots and Links in Overtwisted Contact Manifolds Postdoc at Universität zu Köln, Cologne, Germany
401 Zachary Gershkoff May 2021, James Oxley Connectivity of Matroids and Polymatroids Applied Research Mathematician, Dept. of Defense
400 Po-Han Hsu May 2021, Padmanabhan Sundar Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equations with Markov Switching Visiting Asst. Prof., University of Cincinnati
399 Keng Hao Ooi May 2021, Phuc Cong Nguyen Nonlinear Potential Analysis on Sobolev Multiplier Spaces Visiting Scholar, National Central University, Taiwan
2020Return to Top
398 Friedrich Wilhelm Alexander Dunkel Dec. 2020, Blaise Bourdin A Phase-Field Approach to Diffusion-Driven Fracture Software Developer, Hexagon PPM, Madison, AL
397 Farid Bouya Aug. 2020, Bogdan Oporowski Some Results on Seymour’s Second-Neighborhood Conjecture and on Decompositions of Graphs Instructor at Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
396 Walter Bridges Aug. 2020, Karl Mahlburg Combinatorial and Asymptotic Statistical Properties of Partitions and Unimodal Sequences Postdoc at Universität zu Köln, Cologne, Germany
395 Sijing Liu Aug. 2020, Susanne C Brenner Multigrid Methods for Elliptic Optimal Control Problems Assistant Research Professor at University of Connecticut, then Postdoc Fellow at ICERM
394 Tara Fife May 2020, James Oxley On Selected Subclasses of Matroids Postdoc at Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig, Germany
2019Return to Top
393 Abiti Adili Aug. 2019, Robert Lipton Design of Metamaterials for Optics Assist. Prof., Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA
392 Yu-Chan Chang Aug. 2019, Pallavi Dani Dehn Functions of Bestvina-Brady Groups Visiting Assist. Prof., University of Wisconsin-Madison
391 Federico Salmoiraghi Aug. 2019, David Shea Vela-Vick Equivalence of Contact Gluing Maps in Sutured Floer Homology Postdoc at Technion-Israel, Haifa, Israel
390 Kurt Trampel Aug. 2019, Milen Yakimov Quantum Cluster Algebras at Roots of Unity, Poisson-Lie Groups, and Discriminants Robert and Sara Lumpkins Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN
389 Joseph Grenier May 2019, Gestur Olafsson Reflection Positivity: A Quantum Field Theory Connection Visiting Assist. Prof., Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA
2018Return to Top
388 Matthew Barnes Aug. 2018, Bogdan Oporowski Unavoidable Immersions and Intertwines of Graphs Asst. Prof., Spring Hill College, Mobile, AL
387 Joshua Fallon Aug. 2018, Bogdan Oporowski Two Results in Drawing Graphs on Surfaces Network Defense Analyst at Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon U., Pittsburgh, PA
386 Kevin Grace Aug. 2018, Stefan van Zwam Templates for Representable Matroids Heilbronn Research Fellow, University of Bristol/Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research, Bristol, UK
385 Maitreyee Kulkarni Aug. 2018, Milen Yakimov Dimers on Cylinders over Dynkin Diagrams and Cluster Algebras Visitor, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ; Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Bonn, Germany
384 Bach Van Nguyen Aug. 2018, Milen Yakimov Invariant of Noncommutative Algebras and Poisson Geometry Research Asst. Prof., Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
383 Eyad Said Aug. 2018, Robert Lipton Non-Local Methods in Fracture Dynamics Asst. Prof., Mount Mercy Univ., Cedar Rapids, IA
382 Robert Sizemore Aug. 2018, Michael Malisoff Curve Tracking Control Under State Constraints and Uncertainties
381 Sean Taylor Aug. 2018, Pramod Achar Mixed Categories of Sheaves on Toric Varieties Informatics Analyst, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, LA
380 Zhaoxia (Mary) Wang Aug. 2018, Stephen Shipman Spectra of Quantum Trees and Orthogonal Polynomials Upper School Math Teacher, The Dunham School, Baton Rouge, LA; then Instructor at Southeastern Louisiana University
379 Jerome Weston Aug. 2018, Michael Malisoff Backstepping and Sequential Predictors for Control Systems Postdoc at University of Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik, Croatia
378 Victoria Fontaine May 2018, James Oxley Characterizations of Some Classes of Graphs That Are Nearly Series-Parallel
377 Shilin Wang May 2018, Guoli Ding On Structures of Large Rooted Graphs Data Scientist at Curacao, Los Angeles
376 Kristen Wetzler May 2018, James Oxley The Graphs and Matroids Whose Only Odd Circuits Are Small Assistant Prof., University of Texas at Dallas
375 Jiayu Zhai May 2018, Hui-Hsiung Kuo, Xiaoliang Wan General Stochastic Integral and Itô Formula with Applications to Stochastic Differential Equations and Mathematical Finance Visiting Asst. Prof., University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
2017Return to Top
374 Emily McHenry Dec. 2017, Stephen Shipman Electromagnetic Resonant Scattering in Layered Media with Fabrication Errors Northrop Grumman, antenna design
Erwan Tanné, PhD Solid Mechanics, École Polytechnique, France Dec. 2017, Blaise Bourdin Variational phase-field models from brittle to ductile fracture: nucleation and propagation Postdoc in Math at U. British Columbia
373 Jose Hector Ceniceros Aug. 2017, David Shea Vela-Vick On Braids, Branched Covers and Transverse Invariants Assist. Prof., Hamilton College, Clinton, NY
372 Neal Livesay Aug. 2017, Daniel Sage Moduli Spaces of Flat GSp-Bundles Visiting Asst. Prof. UC Riverside; 2021 Postdoc CE NEastern; Senior Software Engr. at PTC
371 Paul Sinz Aug. 2017, Robert Lipton Extraction of Displacement Fields in Heterogeneous Media Using Optimal Local Basis Functions Postdoc, Dept of Comp. Math/Sci/Eng, MI State Univ.; 2021 Lucido Group LLC
370 Lokendra Thakur Aug. 2017, Robert Lipton Reduced Order Models for Beam-Wave Interaction in High Power Microwave Sources Research Postdoc, Computational Systems Biology Group, LSU; Assoc. Research Fellow at Broad Institute at MIT and Harvard
369 Richard Alexander Frnka May 2017, Karl Mahlburg Asymptotic Formulae for Restricted Unimodal Sequences Chief Technology Officer, CleverSolve LLC, McAllen, TX; Project Manager at Indeed
368 Andrew Robert Holmes May 2017, Patrick Gilmer On the Skein Theory of 0-framed Surgery Along the Trefoil Knot Senior Engineer, Lockheed Martin, Cherry Hill, NJ
367 Kyle Istvan May 2017, Oliver Dasbach Manifestations of Symmetry in Polynomial Link Invariants AI systems designer, KLA Corp
366 Lucius Schoenbaum May 2017, Daniel Sage Towards Theory and Applications of Generalized Categories to Areas of Type Theory and Categorical Logic Assistant Prof., University of South Alabama
2016Return to Top
365 Gayan Abeynanda Aug. 2016, Stephen Shipman Dynamic Resonant Scattering of Near-Monochromatic Fields Asst. Prof. at University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL
364 Tyler Brannan Aug. 2016, Ambar Sengupta A Conditioned Gaussian-Poisson Model for Default Phenomena South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics
363 Eric Bucher Aug. 2016, Milen Yakimov Cluster Algebras and Maximal Green Sequences for Closed Surfaces Postdoc at Michigan State University
362 Ashar Ghulam Aug. 2016, Yuri Antipov Method of the Riemann-Hilbert Problem for the Solution of the Helmholtz Equation in a Semi-infinite Strip Asst. Prof. at Forman Christian College University, Lahore, Pakistan
361 Jesse Levitt Aug. 2016, Milen Yakimov Properties of Polynomial Identity Quantized Weyl Algebras Postdoc at University of Southern California
360 Jacob Matherne Aug. 2016, Pramod Achar Derived Geometric Satake Equivalence, Springer Correspondence, and Small Representations Visiting Asst. Prof., University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA; Paul Olum Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
359 Jun Peng Aug. 2016, Oliver Dasbach Beyond the Tails of the Colored Jones Polynomial Visiting Asst. Prof., University of Connecticut-Stamford
358 Simon Pfeil Aug. 2016, James Oxley On Properties of Matroid Connectivity Asst. Prof. at St. Norbert College, De Pere, Wisconsin; Assist. Prof. Angelo St. University, Texas
357 Austin Scirratt Aug. 2016, Frank Neubrander Evolution Semigroups for Well-Posed, Non-Autonomous Evolution Families Asst. Prof. at Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA; Asst. Prof. at Houston Baptist U.
356 Robert Viator Aug. 2016, Robert Lipton Spectral Properties of Photonic Crystals: Bloch Waves and Band Gaps Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, University of Minnesota
Chukwudi Chukwudozie, PhD Pet. Eng., LSU Aug. 2016, Blaise Bourdin Application of the Variational Fracture Model to Hydraulic Fracturing in Poroelastic Media Postdoc in Civil Engineering, Columbia U.
355 Karthik Adimurthi May 2016, Phuc Cong Nguyen Global a priori Estimates and Sharp Existence Results for Quasilinear Equations on Nonsmooth Domains Postdoctoral Fellow at Seoul National University, Korea
354 Kimberly Sevin D'souza May 2016, Guoli Ding Excluding a Weakly 4-connected Minor Programmer Analyst at University of New Orleans
353 Mostafa Hayajneh May 2016, Gestur Olafsson Twisted Reflection Positivity Assist. Prof. at Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan
352 Aleksandr Smirnov May 2016, Yuri Antipov Riemann-Hilbert Formalism in the Study of Crack Propagation in Domains with a Boundary Postdoctoral Fellow at University of North Carolina at Charlotte
2015Return to Top
351 Amer Darweesh Dec. 2015, Gestur Olafsson Wavelets, Co-orbit Theory, and Projective Representation Assistant Professor at Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan
350 Chanun Lewchalermvongs Dec. 2015, Guoli Ding Well-Quasi-Ordering by the Induced-Minor Relation Lecturer, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
349 Lieth Abdalateef Majed Dec. 2015, Amha Lisan Topological Dynamics On Compact Phase Spaces Instructor, Diyala University, Iraq
348 Christopher Adam Cross Aug. 2015, Gestur Olafsson Partial Cosine-Funk Transforms at Poles of the Cosine-λ Transform on Grassmann Manifolds Lecturer at Texas State University, San Marcos, TX
347 Jacob Grey Aug. 2015, Michael Tom Analysis of Nonlinear Dispersive Model Equations Postdoc at University of Georgia
346 Mustafa Hajij Aug. 2015, Oliver Dasbach Knots, Skein Theory and q-Series Postdoc at University of South Florida, Tampa, Fl
345 Ying Hu Aug. 2015, Oliver Dasbach Left-orderability, Cyclic Branched Covers and Representations of the Knot Group Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre interuniversitaire de recherches en géométrie et topologie (CIRGET) at the Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada
344 Yunyun Yang Aug. 2015, Ricardo Estrada A New Method In Distribution Theory With A Non-Smooth Framework Postdoctoral Fellow at Baylor University, Waco, TX; Assistant Professor at West Virginia University Institute of Technology, then Hefei University of Technology, China
343 Adam Beau Ferguson May 2015, Guoli Ding Excluding Two Minors of the Petersen Graph Baton Rouge Community College
342 Xu Huang May 2015, Robert Lipton Exponentially Convergent Generalized Finite Element Method for Multi-scale Problems Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
2014Return to Top
341 Dun Liang Dec. 2014, Jerome W. Hoffman Explicit Equations of Non-Hyperelliptic Genus 3 Curves with Real Multiplication by $\mathbf{Q}(\zeta_7+\zeta_7^{-1})$ Postdoc at Mathematical Sciences Center, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
Ataollah Mesgarnejad, PhD Mech. Eng., LSU Dec. 2014, Blaise Bourdin Applications of the Variational Approach to Fracture Mechanics Postdoc at Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Complex Systems, Northeastern University
340 Susan Abernathy Aug. 2014, Patrick Gilmer Obstructions to Embedding Genus-1 Tangles in Links Assistant Professor at Angelo State University, San Angelo, TX
339 Matthew Dawson Aug. 2014, Gestur Olafsson Conical Representations for Direct Limits of Riemannian Symmetric Spaces Postdoctoral Fellow at Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas (CIMAT) at Guanajuato, Mexico
338 Daniel Guillot Aug. 2014, Bogdan Oporowski Coloring Graphs Drawn with Crossings Southeast Louisiana University
337 Dennis Hall Aug. 2014, James Oxley On Matroid and Polymatroid Connectivity South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics, Assist. Prof. Angelo State U., Texas
336 Irina Holmes Aug. 2014, Ambar Sengupta The Gaussian Radon Transform for Banach Spaces Jack Hale Post-doctoral Fellow at Georgia Tech; NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at Washington University at St. Louis; NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at Michigan State University; Assistant Professor at Texas A&M (starting 2019)
335 Bir Bahadur Kafle Aug. 2014, Robert Perlis Local Conjugations of Groups and Applications to Number Fields Visiting Assist. Prof., Purdue University-North Central
334 Peter Lambert-Cole Aug. 2014, Scott Baldridge Invariants of Legendrian products Zorn Postdoctoral Fellow at Indiana University
333 John Tyler Moss Aug. 2014, James Oxley Extremal Problems in Matroid Connectivity Visiting Asst. Prof. at West Virginia University Institute of Technology
332 Jesse Taylor Aug. 2014, James Oxley Selected Problems on Matroid Minors Assistant Professor at Angelo State University, San Angelo, TX
331 Zuhal Unlu Aug. 2014, Burak Aksoylu Robust Preconditioners for the High-Contrast Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
330 Jacob Blanton May 2014, Peter Wolenski Reformulations for Control Systems and Optimization Problems with Impulses LSU; Visiting Assistant Professor, Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas
329 Benjamin Dribus May 2014, Jerome W. Hoffman On the Infinitesimal Theory of Chow Groups Asst. Prof. at Willliam Carey University, Hattiesburg, MS
328 Evan Eakins May 2014, Charles Delzell Constructive Aspects of Kochen's Theorem on p-adic Closures Asst. Prof. at Upper Iowa University, Fayette, Iowa
327 Trevor McGuire May 2014, James Madden Combinatorial Minimal Free Resolutions of Ideals with Monomial and Binomial Generators Asst. Prof. at North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND
326 Yun Peng May 2014, Hui-Hsiung Kuo Ito Formula And Girsanov Theorem on A New Ito Integral Strategist at Goldman-Sachs
2013Return to Top
325 Ladorian Latin Dec. 2013, Frank Neubrander A Semigroup/Laplace Transform Approach to Approximating Flows Mathematics Lead Faculty, Franklin University, Columbus, OH; Mathematics Program Chair, Franklin U.
324 Kwang Ju Choi Aug. 2013, Bogdan Oporowski A Characterization of Almost All Minimal Not Nearly Planar Graphs Post-doc, National Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Korea
323 Joel B Geiger Aug. 2013, Milen Yakimov The Ring Theory and the Representation Theory of Quantum Schubert Cells Postdoc (Lecturer), Massachusetts Institute of Technology
322 Perry K. Iverson Aug. 2013, Guoli Ding Refining the Characterization of Projective Graphs American College Testing, Iowa City, IA
321 Myron Minn-Thu-Aye Aug. 2013, Pramod Achar Multiplicity Formulas for Perverse Coherent Sheaves on the Nilpotent Cone Visiting Assistant Prof. University of Connecticut
320 Laura Rider Aug. 2013, Pramod Achar Mixed Categories, Formality for the Nilpotent Cone, and a Derived Springer Correspondence NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Assistant Professor, University of Georgia; Assoc. Prof. U. of Georgia
319 Xuanye Wang Aug. 2013, Patrick Gilmer Extra Structures on Three-Dimensional Cobordisms PhD Economics UT Austin, then Asst Prof IAER Dongbei Univ of Finance and Economics
318 Sen Yang Aug. 2013, Jerome W. Hoffman Higher Algebraic K-theory and Tangent Spaces to Chow Groups Postdoc at Mathematical Sciences Center, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
317 Yi Zhang Aug. 2013, Susanne C Brenner Finite Element Methods for Fourth Order Variational Inequalities Postdoc at University of Tennessee; Postdoc at Notre Dame, Asst. Prof. at Univ. North Carolina at Greensboro
316 Xuanting Cai May 2013, Patrick Gilmer Skein Theory And Topological Quantum Field Theory Google
315 Zhe Nan May 2013, Susanne C Brenner Application of Helmholtz/Hodge Decomposition to Finite Element Methods for Two-dimensional Maxwell's Equations Asst. Prof, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou, China
314 Ming Tao May 2013, Padmanabhan Sundar Large Deviations for Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equations with Nonlinear Viscosities
2012Return to Top
313 Lingyan Huang Dec. 2012, Peter Wolenski Subgradient Formulas for Optimal Control Problems with Constant Dynamics Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, IN
312 Cody Armond Aug. 2012, Oliver Dasbach The Head and Tail Conjecture for Alternating Knots Visiting Asst. Prof. at University of Iowa; Visiting Asst. Prof. at University of South Alabama; Assistant Prof. at Ohio State University at Mansfield
311 Yue Chen Aug. 2012, Robert Lipton Resonance and Double Negative Behavior in Metamaterials Postdoc at University of Kentucky; Assistant Professor at Auburn University Montgomery
310 Aleksandra Gruszka Aug. 2012, Michael Malisoff Some Tracking Problems for Aerospace Models with Input Constraints
309 Shiyuan Gu Aug. 2012, Susanne C Brenner $C^0$ Interior Penalty Methods for Cahn-Hilliard Equations Postdoc at Argonne National Lab
308 Vivian Ho Aug. 2012, Gestur Olafsson Paley-Wiener Theorem for Line Bundles over Compact Symmetric Spaces
307 Jeremy Jacobson Aug. 2012, Marco Schlichting On the Witt Groups of Schemes Instructor at University of Georgia, then Fields Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada
306 Benjamin McCarty Aug. 2012, Scott Baldridge Hypercube diagrams for knots, links, and knotted tori Asst. Prof. at The University of Memphis
305 Amber Russell Aug. 2012, Pramod Achar Graham's Variety and Perverse Sheaves on the Nilpotent Cone Postdoc at University of Georgia; Assistant Professor Butler University
304 Benedykt Szozda Aug. 2012, Hui-Hsiung Kuo The New Stochastic Integral and Anticipating Stochastic Differential Equations Postdoc in Stochastics, T. N. Thiele Centre for Applied Mathematics in Natural Science, Aarhus University, Denmark
303 Lee Windsperger Aug. 2012, Frank Neubrander Operational Methods for Evolution Equations Asst. Prof. at Winona State University, Winona, Minnesota; Assoc. Prof. at Winona State U.
302 Maiia Bakhova May 2012, Robert Perlis A Numerical Investigation of Apery-like Equations and Related Picard-Fuchs Equations Baton Rouge Community College
2011Return to Top
301 Armin Karl Reiser Dec. 2011, Susanne C Brenner A $C^0$ Interior Penalty Method for the Von Kármán Equations Secondary Education in Germany
300 Maria Vega Dec. 2011, Daniel Sage Twisted Frobenius-Schur Indicators for Hopf Algebras NSF Alliance Postdoctoral Scholar at North Carolina State University; Asst. Prof. at West Point
299 David H. Chapman Aug. 2011, Robert Perlis On Greenberg's Question: An Algebraic and Computational Approach Asst. Prof., Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana
298 Deborah Chun Aug. 2011, James Oxley Capturing Elements in Matroid Minors Asst. Prof. of Mathematics, West Virginia University Institute of Technology
297 Susanna Dann Aug. 2011, Gestur Olafsson Paley-Wiener Theorems with Respect to the Spectral Parameter Postdoc at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Assist. Prof., U. de los Andes, Colombia.
296 Stanislaw Dziobiak Aug. 2011, Guoli Ding Excluded-Minor Characterization of Apex-Outerplanar Graphs Postdoc at the University of Mississippi
295 Se-Jong Kim Aug. 2011, Jimmie D Lawson Symmetric Spaces Assistant Professor at Chungbuk National University, Korea
294 Anuwat Sae-Tang Aug. 2011, Hui-Hsiung Kuo New Theory of Stochastic Integration Instructor, Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand
293 Hairui Tu Aug. 2011, Stephen Shipman Guided Modes and Resonant Transmission in Periodic Structures Etigerfund (hedge fund) in Shanghai
292 Lisa Warshauer Aug. 2011, James Oxley Some Classes of Graphs That Are Nearly Cycle-free Asst. Prof., United States Military Academy, West Point, NY
2010Return to Top
291 Girja S. Tripathi Dec. 2010, Marco Schlichting Orthogonal Grassmannians and Hermitian K-Theory in $A^1$-Homotopy Theory of Schemes Postdoc at the Tata Institute, Mumbai
290 Rick Barnard Dec. 2010, Peter Wolenski Hamilton-Jacobi Theory for Optimal Control Problems on Stratified Domains Postdoc at RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany
289 Qingxia Li Aug. 2010, Peter Wolenski Optimal Control and Nonlinear Programming Asst. Prof., Lincoln University, MO; then Asst. Prof., Fisk University, Memphis, TN
288 Leah Childers Aug. 2010, Tara Brendle Subgroups of the Torelli Group Asst. Prof., Pittsburg State U, KS
287 Anna Zemlyanova Aug. 2010, Yuri Antipov Method of Riemann Surfaces in Modelling of Cavitating Flow Postdoctoral Fellowship at MSRI Berkeley, followed by 2.5 year postdoc at Texas A&M University; Assistant Professor, then Associate Professor (with tenure), at Kansas State University
286 Jintao Cui Aug. 2010, Susanne C Brenner Multigrid Methods for Maxwell's Equations Postdoc at Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, University of Minnesota
285 Silvia Jimenez Aug. 2010, Robert Lipton Homogenization of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Postdoc at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts; Asst. Prof. Colgate University
284 Moshe Cohen Aug. 2010, Oliver Dasbach Dimer Models for Knot Polynomials Postdoc at Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel, Postdoc at Technion
283 Jared Lee Culbertson May 2010, Pramod Achar Perverse Poisson Sheaves on the Nilpotent Cone Air Force Research Lab
282 Santiago Prado Parentes Fortes May 2010, Robert Lipton, Stephen Shipman Power Series Expansions for Waves in High-Contrast Plasmonic Crystals Postdoc at Caltech (California Institute of Technology); Postdoc at Weierstrass Institute, Berlin; BTG Pactual in Sao Paulo; Millennium Capital Partners in London
281 Piotr Maciak May 2010, Jorge Morales Primes of the Form $X^2+nY^2$ in Function Fields Postdoc at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Postdoc at the University of Copenhagen
280 Fareed Hawwa May 2010, Jerome W. Hoffman Koszul Duality for Multigraded Algebras Head Analyst at Esulep Hedge Funds
2009Return to Top
279 Charles Egedy Dec. 2009, Daniel Cohen The Extended Picture Group, With Applications to Line Arrangement Complements LSU
278 Liqun Fang Dec. 2009, Padmanabhan Sundar Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equations with Fractional Brownian Motions Actuarial Analyst for the Louisiana Legislative Auditor; now for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana.
277 Adam Lowrance Dec. 2009, Scott Baldridge Homological Width and Turaev Genus VIGRE Postdoc, Univ. of Iowa, Iowa City; Asst. Prof. Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
276 Jeremy Aikin Aug. 2009, James Oxley The Structure of 4-Separations in 4-Connected Matroids Assistant Professor at Macon State College, GA; Assistant Prof. (tenure track) at California State University, San Bernardino
275 Wei Cai Aug. 2009, Peter Wolenski Impulsive Control Systems Pfizer, Inc., New York
274 Jens Christensen Aug. 2009, Gestur Olafsson Function Spaces, Wavelets and Representation Theory 2-year Postdoc, Univ. of Maryland, College Park, Maryland. Starting Fall, 2011: 3-year Postdoc, Tufts University, Assist. Prof. Colgate U.
273 Carolyn B. Chun Aug. 2009, James Oxley Unavoidable Minors in Graphs and Matroids Postdoctoral research fellow in the mathematics department of Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, Assist. Prof. U.S. Naval Academy
272 Alvaro Guevara Aug. 2009, Peter Wolenski A Regularization Technique in Dynamic Optimization 2-year postdoc at Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
271 Julius Esunge Aug. 2009, Hui-Hsiung Kuo White Noise Methods for Anticipating Stochastic Differential Equations Asst. Prof., University of Mary Washington, VA; now Professor and Chairman, Dept. Math, U. Mary Wshington
270 Evan Morgan Aug. 2009, Bogdan Oporowski Some Results on Cubic Graphs Private Investor
269 Natalia Ptitsyna Aug. 2009, Stephen Shipman A Discrete Model of Guided Modes and Anomalous Scattering in Periodic Structures Asst. Prof., Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL
268 Keng Wiboonton Aug. 2009, Gestur Olafsson The Segal-Bargmann Transform on Inductive Limits of Compact Symmetric Spaces Chulalongkorn University in Thailand
267 Kevin Zito Aug. 2009, Frank Neubrander Convolution Semigroups Mathematics and Science Academy. Iberville, LA; Senior Instructor at Univ. of Louisiana at Lafayette
266 Jasson Vindas Aug. 2009, Ricardo Estrada Local Behavior of Distributions and Applications Research Foundation-Flanders Postdoctoral Fellow, Belgium; Assistant Professor, then Associate Professor at Ghent University, Belgium
265 Constantin Caranica Aug. 2009, Helena Verrill Algorithms Related to Subgroups of the Modular Group
2008Return to Top
264 Cristina (Tugurlan) Marinovici (Maria Tugurlan) Dec. 2008, Blaise Bourdin Fast Marching Methods - Parallel Implementation and Analysis IBM DB2 Software Group, Beaverton, OR. Now at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Energy Technology Development Group, in Richland WA, Tri-Cities area.
263 Bacim Alali Aug. 2008, Robert Lipton Multiscale Analysis of Heterogeneous Media for Local and Nonlocal Continuum Theories Research Post-doc: Wylie Assistant Professor at University of Utah.
262 Koray Ozer Aug. 2008, Frank Neubrander Laplace Transform Inversion and Time-Discretization Methods for Evolution Equations Tenure track at Roger Williams University, RI; Assoc. Prof at Roger Williams U., RI
261 Karli Smith Aug. 2008, Robert Perlis Trace Forms of Abelian Extensions of Number Fields Asst. Prof. at University of Montevallo, Alabama
260 Chao Meng Aug. 2008, Ambar Sengupta Stochastic and Copula Models for Credit Derivatives Obtaining dual degree in Finance at Cornell
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258 Steven Wallace May 2008, Richard Litherland Surgery Description of Colored Knots Asst. Prof. at Macon State College, GA.
257 Martin Laubinger May 2008, Jimmie D Lawson Differential Geometry in Cartesian Closed Categories of Smooth Spaces Research Post-doc at Wilhelms Universität Münster
2007Return to Top
256 Heon Kim Dec. 2007, Helena Verrill Sign Ambiguities of Gaussian Sums Asst. Prof., Southern University, New Orleans
255 Suat Namli Dec. 2007, Hui-Hsiung Kuo Multiplicative Renormalization Method for Orthogonal Polynomials Texas Gulf Foundation
254 Gideon Daspan Aug. 2007, Michael Tom Comparison of KP and BBM-KP Models Asst. Prof. at Xavier University, New Orleans
253 Nam Hee Kwon May 2007, Daniel Sage Subrepresentation Semirings and an Analogue of 6j-Symbols Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Toledo, Ohio
252 Hong Yin May 2007, Padmanabhan Sundar Backward Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equations in Two Dimensions Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI. Starting fall 2008
2006Return to Top
251 Jean Bureau Dec. 2006, Jorge Morales Representation Properties of Definite Lattices in Function Fields Industry, France
250 See-Keong Lee Dec. 2006, Hui-Hsiung Kuo On Moment Conditions for the Girsanov Theorem Lecturer in Mathematics, University of Science, Malaysia
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246 Jeonghun Kim Aug. 2006, Robert Perlis Classifying Quadratic Number Fields up to Arf Equivalence Assistant Professor, Thiel College, Greenville, PA
245 Khaled Qazaqzeh Aug. 2006, Patrick Gilmer Topics in Quantum Topology Assistant Professor, Yarmouk University, Jordan
244 Michael Stuebner Aug. 2006, Robert Lipton An Inverse Homogenization Design Method for Stress Control in Composites Research Postdoc, North Carolina State University, Mathematics Department and Center for Research in Scientific Computation
243 Khalid Al-Shammari May 2006, Peter Wolenski Filippov's Operator and Discontinuous Differential Equations Assistant Professor, King Fahd University, Saudi Arabia
242 Mustafa Arslan May 2006, Jerome W. Hoffman Integral Cohomology of the Siegel Modular Variety of Degree Two and Level Three Normandale Community College, MI
2005Return to Top
241 Rodica Cazacu Dec. 2005, Jimmie D Lawson Quasicontinuous Derivatives and Viscosity Functions Asst. Prof. at University of Arkansas at Fort Smith, then Asst. Prof. at Georgia College & State University, Milledgeville, GA
240 Michael Aristidou Aug. 2005, Gestur Olafsson Laguerre Functions Associated to Euclidean Jordan Algebras Assistant Professor, Digipen Institute of Technology, Redmond, Washington
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233 Stanislav Zabic Aug. 2005, Peter Wolenski Impulsive Systems Research Post-doc, University of Utah
232 Norma Ortiz May 2005, Peter Wolenski Dynamical Systems with Time Delay Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
231 Vinicio Rios May 2005, Peter Wolenski Dissipative Lipschitz Dynamics Associate Professor at Universidad del Zulia, Maracaibo, Venezuela
2004Return to Top
230 Claudiu Mihai Dec. 2004, Frank Neubrander Asymptotic Laplace Transforms Assistant Professor at Daemen College, Amherst, NY; Assoc. Prof. and Department Chair, Daemen College
229 Costel Ionita Aug. 2004, Jurgen Hurrelbrink Class Groups and Norms of Units Asst. Prof. at Hiram College, Ohio
228 Troels Johansen Aug. 2004, Gestur Olafsson Orbit Structure on the Silov Boundary of a Tube Domain and the Plancherel Decomposition of a Causally Compact Symmetric Space, with Emphasis on the Rank One Case HARP-sponsored Research Post-Doc in harmonic analysis at Universität Paderborn (Germany), with a 1-term visit at the University of Iowa for spring, 2005. Then Assistant Professor at Christian-Albrechts Universität zu Kiel, Germany.
227 Mihaly Kovacs Aug. 2004, Frank Neubrander On Qualitative Properties and Convergence of Time-Discretization Methods for Semigroups Assistant Professor, Mathematics Institute, Department of Mathematical Analysis, University of Miskolc, Hungary; Senior lecturer at University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand; Senior Lecturer at Chalmers University in Goteborg; Professor at Pázmány Péter Catholic University - Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics, Budapest, Hungary
226 Vochita Mihai Aug. 2004, Ambar Sengupta The Radon-Gauss Transform Medaille College, Buffalo, NY
2003Return to Top
225 Robin Blankenship Aug. 2003, Bogdan Oporowski Book Embeddings of Graphs Appalachian State University, Boone, NC. Now at Morehead State University in Morehead, KY
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223 Jinko Kanno Aug. 2003, Guoli Ding Splitter Theorems for 3- and 4-Regular Graphs Asst. Prof., Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA
222 Haohao Wang Aug. 2003, William Adkins Equations of Parametric Surfaces with Base Points via Syzygies Asst. Prof. at Southeast Missouri State University
221 Michael Holcomb May 2003, Jerome W. Hoffman On the Geometry and Topology of Moduli Spaces of Multi-Polygonal Linkages Emory and Henry College, VA
2002Return to Top
220 David Slay Dec. 2002, Ray Fabec Group Automorphisms and the Decomposition of Plancherel Measures McNeese State University, LA
219 Victor Nelson Aug. 2002, Richard Litherland Racks, Quandles and Virtual Knots Visiting Asst. Prof. at Whittier College, CA, then for 3 years Visiting Asst. Prof. at University of California, Riverside, Assistant Professor at Claremont McKenna College, CA
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216 Brian J. Murray Aug. 2002, Paul van Wamelen Explicit Multiplicative Relations between Gauss Sums Department of Defense
215 Simone Flory May 2002, Frank Neubrander On the Stabilization and Regularization of Rational Approximation Schemes for Semigroups Embedded Systems International Corp. in Colorado Springs, CO.; Senior Risk Analyst at Centrix Financial, Denver; Vice President of the Risk Asset Review department at Wells Fargo & Co in San Francisco; Senior Vice President - Quantitative Analytics Manager at Wells Fargo
214 Jamiiru Luttamaguzi May 2002, Guillermo Ferreyra A Monotone Follower Control Problem with a Nonconvex Functional and Some Related Problems Asst. Prof., Georgia College and State University, Milledgeville, Georgia; then Asst. Prof., Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Elizabeth City State University, Elizabeth City, NC
2001Return to Top
213 Marius Somodi Aug. 2001, Robert Perlis Bounding the Wild Set (Counting the Minimum Number of Wild Primes in Hilbert Symbol Equivalent Number Fields) Associate Prof. at University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls
212 Cem Guneri Aug. 2001, Robert Lax Artin-Schreier Families and 2-D Cyclic Codes Asst. Prof. at Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey
211 Uroyoan Walker Aug. 2001, Jorge Morales On k-Conjugacy Classes of Maximal Tori in Semi-Simple Algebraic Groups Prof. at University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez; President of the University of Puerto Rico System
210 Robert Osburn May 2001, Jurgen Hurrelbrink Densities of 4-ranks of K2 of rings of integers 2 Year Research Post-doc, McMaster University, Ontario, 2 Year Research Post-doc, Queens University, Ontario and an invited guest at Max Planck Institute, Bonn.; Associate Professor at University College Dublin
209 Glenn Berman May 2001, Guoli Ding Categorization of Graphs for which Every Orientation Contains Directed Graphs with One, Two, or Three Directed Two-circuits as a Minor Asst. Prof., Lynchburg College, Virginia; then Dakota State University, Madison, SD
2000Return to Top
208 Said K. Ngobi Dec. 2000, Hui-Hsiung Kuo On Stochastic Integration for White Noise Distribution Theory Asst. Prof., Alabama State University, Montgomery, Alabama
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204 Jianyuan Zhong Aug. 2000, Patrick Gilmer Homflypt Skein Modules Asst. Prof., Louisiana Tech University, then tenure track at California State University Sacramento
203 Gary L. Salazar Aug. 2000, Robert Lax Linear Codes Defined from Higher-Dimensional Varieties Visiting Asst. Prof., Trinity University, San Antonio, TX
1999Return to Top
202 John Whitaker Dec. 1999, Hui-Hsiung Kuo Integral kernel operators in the Cochran-Kuo-Sengupta space Furman University; NC; Wittenberg University, Ohio; Shawnee State University, Portsmouth, Ohio
201 Gretchen Whipple Aug. 1999, James Madden Totally ordered monoids Hartwick College, Oneonta, New York; then Chair at Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC
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196 Gretchen Matthews May 1999, Robert Lax Weierstrass pairs and minimum distance of Goppa codes post-doctoral Assistant Professorship at U. of Tennessee -- then Clemson University.
195 Sidney Hawkins May 1999, Robert Perlis Inequalities between pythagoras numbers and algebraic ranks in Witt rings of fields Xavier U., New Orleans, LA -- then Alcorn State University
1998Return to Top
194 Pou-Lin Wu Dec. 1998, James Oxley Maximal circuits in matroids Innovative Emergency Management, Baton Rouge, LA
193 Jesus Pascal Dec. 1998, Guillermo Ferreyra On the value functions of some singular optimal control problems Department Director, then Dean College of Arts and Sciences, Universidad del Zulia, Maracaibo
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191 Rosalie Brusamarello May 1998, Jorge Morales On the second Stiefel-Whitney class of scaled trace forms of central simple algebras Universidad Estadual de Maringa
1997Return to Top
190 George Paslaski Dec. 1997, Padmanabhan Sundar Weak convergence of interacting stochastic systems Integrated Energy Systems; Capitol One; now risk analyst at Farmer's Insurance, Los Angeles.
189 Brian Heck Aug. 1997, Jurgen Hurrelbrink Graphs and number theory Tenure-track Professorship, Charleston Southern U., SC; then Nicholls State U., Thibodaux, LA.
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187 Boris Baeumer Aug. 1997, Frank Neubrander A Vector-Valued Operational Calculus and Abstract Cauchy Problems Research Assistant Professor, U. of Nevada at Reno; Senior Lecturer, University of Otago, New Zealand; Prof. of Mathematics and Director of Graduate Studies, University of Otago
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185 Amadou Belly Guisse May 1997, Jimmie D Lawson Lie theory of differentiable transformations on Banach type manifolds Southern U., Baton Rouge; then Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
1996Return to Top
184 Yongdo Lim Dec. 1996, Jimmie D Lawson Jordan algebras and lie semigroups Tenure-track Professorship, Kyungpook National University
183 Jaehoo Kim Dec. 1996, Larry Smolinsky A polynomial invariant of links in a solid torus Kyeongbuk University, Daegu City, Korea
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177 Dongya Zou May 1996, Hui-Hsiung Kuo Existence and uniqueness theorems for some white noise integral equations Southern Ontario College, Canada
176 Kunyang Wang May 1996, Jerome Goldstein The generalized Kompaneets equation computer business, Dallas, TX
1995Return to Top
175 Genbao Shi Dec. 1995, Jerome Goldstein Mathematical problems in elasticity and quantum mechanics TCI Software, New Mexico, then Innovative Emergency Management
174 Genaro Gonzalez Dec. 1995, Jimmie D Lawson Locally generated semigroups Universidad del Zulia, Maracaibo
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168 Stephen Paris May 1995, Patrick Gilmer Link theory : applications to real algebraic curves NE Louisiana U. now a Graduate Faculty member at Florida State University
167 Craig Knuckles May 1995, Peter Wolenski Continuously differentiable selections and parametrizations of multifunctions in one dimension Lake Forest College, Illinois
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165 Edward Dobson May 1995, Bela Bollobas Some problems in algebraic and extremal graph theory Oklahoma State University
1994Return to Top
164 Haidong Wu Aug. 1994, James Oxley Connectivity for matroids and graphs Southern U., Baton Rouge; then Univ. of Mississippi
163 Sandra Kingan Aug. 1994, James Oxley Structural results for matroids Oakland U., Rochester, Michigan; then Penn State, Harrisburg. Now at Brooklyn College in NYC.
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160 Leigh Ann Myers May 1994, Jurgen Hurrelbrink Graphs in number theory NW Louisiana U
1993Return to Top
159 Heath Martin Aug. 1993, Bernard Johnston Linkage by generically Gorenstein Cohen-Macaulay ideals Purdue U., then U. Central Florida
158 Mark Curole, Mark Aug. 1993, Ray Fabec Split abelian extensions of C* algebras Colby College, Georgia-industry
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155 Karen D. Aucoin May 1993, John Hildebrant The congruence extension property, the ideal extension property, and ideal semigroups McNeese State University, LA
1992Return to Top
154 Fariborz Asadian Aug. 1992, Hui-Hsiung Kuo Banach space valued stochastic differential equations Fort Valley State College, GA
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1991Return to Top
151 Lawrence Wargo Dec. 1991, James Oxley Some results on minors for graphs and matroids University of New Orleans
150 James D. Moss Jr. Aug. 1991, Leonard F Richardson On the construction and application of certain special polarizations in nilpotent lie algebras Assist. Prof. at Drury College, Springfield, MO
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148 Patricia Beaulieu May 1991, Robert Perlis A new construction of subgroups inducing isomorphic representations Assist. Prof. at University of Louisiana-Lafayette
1990Return to Top
147 Carolyn Beth Pfeffer (Pfeffer-Johnston) Aug. 1990, Leonard F Richardson Continuous Functions in π-primary Summands of $L^2$ of Some Compact Solvmanifolds Hill Asst. Prof., Rutgers University. Then tenured Assoc. Prof. at Florida Atlantic U. Now at Vexcel Corporation, Boulder, Colorado.
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144 Sheng Chen Aug. 1990, Robert Perlis Constructing isospectral but non-isometric Riemannian manifolds Assist. Prof at SW Texas St. University, San Marcos. Texas
1989Return to Top
143 Michael H Ruge Dec. 1989, Lutz Weis $L_p$ regularity and extrapolation Siemens AG, Munich.
142 Thomas Palfrey Aug. 1989, Robert Perlis Density theorems for reciprocity equivalences Xavier U., New Orleans
141 Jenna Carpenter May 1989, Robert Perlis Finiteness theorems for forms over number fields La Tech U.
1988Return to Top
140 Josefa (Pepita) Garcia Dec. 1988, John Hildebrant The congruence extension property for algebraic semigroups U. Puerto Rico, Aricebo
139 Dvora Tzvieli Aug. 1988, K Brooks Reid Double loop interconnection networks with minimal transmission delay Computer scientist, to Bell Labs, NJ
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1987Return to Top
130 Francisco Rivero Dec. 1987, Robert Perlis Group actions on minimal functions over finite fields Chairman, U. Merida, Venezuela
129 Youngsook Shim Aug. 1987, Hui-Hsiung Kuo Abstract Wiener space approach to Hida calculus Chinhae National U., Korea
1986Return to Top
128 Stella Ashford Dec. 1986, Robert Perlis Dyadic ramification in quartic algebraic number fields Professor, Southern U., Baton Rouge, LA
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126 Carol Collins May 1986, John Hildebrant Extreme elements in semigroups NASA; Jet Propulsion Labs; Carol Browning and Math Chair at Drury College, MO
1985Return to Top
125 Mark Lynch May 1985, Doug Curtis Spaces of order arcs in hyperspaces of subcontinua NSA / Millsaps College, Mississippi
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123 David Foreman May 1985, Craig M Cordes Some results about value sets of quadratic forms over fields Samford U., Birmingham, AL (tenured)
1984Return to Top
122 Carl Widland Aug. 1984, Robert Lax Weierstrass points on Gorenstein curves Indiana U.-Kokomo
121 Frederick Joseph Sullivan Aug. 1984, Jimmie D Lawson Ordered Models for the Lambda Calculus SUNY, Binghamton; Rose Hulman College; Dean of Technology, Wilkes University in Pennsylvania
1983Return to Top
120 Michael Franklyn Bridgland Dec. 1983, K Brooks Reid Geodetic Graphs and Convexity Mitre Corp., Supercomputer Research Center, Maryland
1982Return to Top
119 J Paul Vicknair Aug. 1982, Jack E Ohm On Valuation Rings as Homomorphic Images of Valuation Domains Provost, Cal. State Univ. -San Bernardino
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1981Return to Top
116 David L Ritter Aug. 1981, O Carruth McGehee Some singular measures on the circle which improve LP spaces Florida International U. (tenured)
1980Return to Top
115 Robert Kramer Dec. 1980, Burtis G Casler A constructive proof of Luft's theorem in case genus two U.Colorado, Lafayette, CO
1979Return to Top
114 Mark Michael Aug. 1979, Doug Curtis Sigma-Compact Subsets of Hyperspaces King's College, PA
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112 Max Leon Warshauer May 1979, Pierre E Conner Jr Witt Classification of Inner Product Spaces SW Texas
1978Return to Top
111 Paul Keith Wayland Dec. 1978, Gordon Pall Construction of Integral Quadratic Forms U. Puerto Rico
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1977Return to Top
106 James Nicholas White II Dec. 1977, Jack E Ohm On the Exterior Rank of a Module LSU Instructor
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104 Johnny Gills Jr May 1977, J Ron Retherford Totally Factorable Operators Bell Labs, Houston
1976Return to Top
103 Michael George Murphy Aug. 1976, J Robert Dorroh Quasi-Linear Evolution Equations in Banach Spaces Univ. of Houston
1975Return to Top
102 Zvonko Tomislav Cerin Dec. 1975, Richard D Anderson Infinite-Dimensional Topology and the Theory of Shape Zagreb University
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1974Return to Top
98 Caneo Jin-Shong Hwang Dec. 1974, Pierre E Conner Jr On the Witt Group of Finitely Generated Torsion Modules and Its Applications to Algebraic Topology Prof. of Computer Science, Texas State U. San Marcos, TX
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94 Ming-Shan Hsieh May 1974, J Ron Retherford Quasi-Normed Ideals of Operators on Banach Spaces actuarial business, Chicago
1973Return to Top
93 William Alan Vekovius Aug. 1973, Jack E Ohm Projectives and Injectives in a Setting of Axiomatic Exactness Owns software business; Dean of Science, LSU Shreveport
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89 Charlene Victoria Hutton May 1973, J Ron Retherford Approximation Numbers of Bounded Linear Operators Catholic Univ. of America, Washington, D.C.
1972Return to Top
88 John Gayle Aiken IV Dec. 1972, Ernest Griffin A Perturbation Property of W* Algebras MITRE Corporation, Fairfax,VA.
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83 Robert A Fontenot May 1972, Heron S Collins Approximate Identities and Strict Topologies Prof., Whitman College
1971Return to Top
82 Dolores Richard Spikes Dec. 1971, Jack E Ohm Semi-Valuations and Groups of Divisibility former President, Southern U., Baton Rouge, LA
81 David Scott Lenaburg Aug. 1971, Pasquale Porcelli The Unitary Equivalence Problem Insurance industry
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73 Willis J Bourque Jr Jan. 1971, Pasquale Porcelli $H^∞$ rings of operators
1970Return to Top
72 Robert William Yeagy Aug. 1970, Hubert S Butts Differents, Finite Bases, and Prime Decomposition in Almost-Dedekind Domains Stephen F. Austin University
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1969Return to Top
66 William W Williams Aug. 1969, Robert J Koch Admissibility of Semigroup Structures on Continua Professor, University of Louisville.
65 Roger Alan Waggoner Aug. 1969, Burtis G Casler Retracting ANR's Onto Spheres, With Applications in the Theory of Fixed Points Prof., Univ. of Louisiana-Lafayette
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