GEAUX Orientation Program

What is the GEAUX orientation program?

The current LSU Mathematics graduate students welcome and orient the incoming graduate students with a two week program taking place at the end of summer preceding the start of fall semester classes.

How do you pronounce GEAUX?

Also known as “Graduate Education and Acclimation to the University eXperience (G.E.A.U.X.)”, it is pronounced “go”, as in “Geaux Tigers”, a common cheer at LSU sporting events.

What are the components of the GEAUX program?

  • Brief research talks by current graduate students, postdocs, and/or faculty.
  • Introductions to rigorous graduate-level mathematics within the context of the core subjects.
  • Social gatherings to meet fellow incoming students and current students, postdocs, and faculty.
  • Orientation by department staff to university administrative and operational matters.
  • Preparation for teaching.
  • Learning about the university, and exploring Baton Rouge.

GEAUX Program for 2023:

Welcome to LSU! We're excited to see you this Fall!
—The GEAUX Team


If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us at