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Courses and Research Areas

We keep a running list of all Graduate Courses in mathematics taught at LSU since the Fall of 2002, including the projected courses for the coming semester or two.

You may also browse individual professors' websites to learn about their research.

The areas of research in our Department are loosely defined and interact and depend on each other to create a lively environment of mathematics. Below you will find an evolving list of research concentrations.

Number Theory. Profs. Hoffman, Kopp, Long, Tu.

Algebra and Representation Theory. Profs. Achar, Delzell, Hoffman, Madden, Ng, Sage, Zeitlin.

Topology and Geometry. Profs. Baldridge, Bibby, Cohen, Dani, Dasbach, Gilmer, Smolinsky, Vela-Vick, Zeitlin. This group has prepared a brief introduction to Topology and Geometry.

Combinatorics. Profs. Cohen, Ding, Bibby, Oxley, Wang.

Control Theory and Optimization. Profs. Ding, Malisoff, Wolenski, Zhang.

Harmonic Analysis. Profs. Han, He, Nguyen, Olafsson, Richardson, Rubin, Yang, Zhu.

Ordinary Differential Equations. Profs. Estrada, Neubrander, He.

Partial Differential Equations. Profs. Bulut, Estrada, Neubrander, Nguyen, Tarfulea, Tom, Wan, Zhu.

Mathematical Physics. Profs. Baldridge, Han, Shipman, Yang, Zeitlin.

Spectral Theory. Profs. Han, He, Massatt, Olafsson, Shipman. Yang, Zhu.

Mathematics of Materials Science. Profs. Antipov, Brenner, Lipton, Massatt, Shipman, Walker. There is also a brief introduction to Mathematics of Materials Science.

Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis. Profs. Brenner, Massatt, Sung, Walker, Wan, and Zhang. For more information see the brief introduction to Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis.

Probability. Profs. Chen, Ganguly, Kuo, Sundar. There is also a brief introduction to Probability.