Departmental Computing Systems

Obtaining support with campus-wide systems

  • For assistance with a technology classroom (such as a problem with the microphone or projector), please use the telephone within that classroom (usually near the podium). There is no number to dial; simply pick up the phone and wait for ITS to answer. You can do this during class for immediate assistance.
  • For assistance with Moodle, please contact the Faculty Technology Center,, 578-3375 (press option 2).
  • For assistance with other non-department-specific computing matters (e.g., something involving your MyLSU ID, Moodle, or the LSU Mainframe), please contact the ITS Help Desk,, 578-3375.
  • To learn more about campus-wide systems and services, please see

Obtaining support with department-run systems

The department computer staff maintains department-specific computing systems and services. The purpose is to complement—not replace—campus-wide computing offerings. For assistance with a department-specific computing-related matter (i.e., something involving your math account as opposed to your MyLSU account), please contact, but note the following exceptions:

  • If you seek batteries, paper, or other supply items, please see the business manager.
  • If a printer or photocopier needs paper, toner, or unjamming, please see the Front Office student workers in 303 Lockett.

For observing or changing account information specific to the department, such as copier code, password, or personal website address, visit the Account Info page, also linked to on the left-side column titled with your username.

For other various information regarding the department technology resources, see the links under the left-side column titled Computing. There are some pages that are only visible when logged in to this website. Log in by clicking "Department Login" at the top.

Computing Personnel

  • Support Staff:
    • Alexander Perlis: Computer Analyst
    • Nikkos Svoboda: Computer Analyst
  • Faculty:
    • Oliver Dasbach: Webmaster