LSU College of Science

Departmental Computing Systems

Obtaining support with campus-wide systems

  • For assistance with a technology classroom (such as a problem with the microphone or projector), please use the telephone within that classroom (usually near the podium). There is no number to dial; simply pick up the phone and wait for ITS to answer. You can do this during class for immediate assistance.
  • For assistance with Moodle, please contact the Faculty Technology Center, 109 Middleton Library,, 578-3375 (press option 1).
  • For assistance with other non-department-specific computing matters (e.g., something involving your PAWS ID, or the LSU Mainframe), please contact the ITS Help Desk,, 578-3375.
  • To learn more about campus-wide systems and services, please see

Obtaining support with department-run systems

The department computer staff maintains department-specific computing systems and services. The purpose is to complement—not replace—campus-wide computing offerings. For assistance with a department-specific computing-related matter (i.e., something involving your math account as opposed to your PAWS account), please contact, but note the following exceptions:

  • If you seek batteries, paper, or other supply items, please see the business manager.
  • If a printer or photocopier needs paper, toner, or unjamming, please see the Front Office student workers in 303 Lockett.

Computing Personnel

  • Support Staff:
    • Alexander Perlis: Computer Analyst
    • Nikkos Svoboda: Computer Analyst
  • Faculty:
    • Neal Stoltzfus: Computer Committee Chair
    • Oliver Dasbach: Webmaster
    • Bogdan Oporowski: Web Programmer