Instruction Support

The Registrar Office uses the Mainframe and is primarily concerned with the class roster, and the mid-term and final course grades attached to that roster. Students are concerned with understanding what is expected of them and feedback on how they are doing, both of which are often communicated to them through Moodle. As the instructor, you are concerned with communicating content and assessing progress, and tracking data---like attendance and assessment scores---in a gradebook that in turn allows you to provide progress feedback to your students and satisfy Registrar requirements. Many of these steps involve computers and technology, and there are often multiple ways to achieve particular goals. The uninitiated is easily bewildered. This webpage is intended to serve as a very rough overview of what is available, and to describe the limits to the support that the department computer staff can provide.

Obtain your class roster

  • The myLSU way: From, look under Instructional Support, Class Roster.
  • The Moodle way: From within Moodle, you can see your roster and export it.
  • Note: myLSU reflects roster changes (student adds and drops) sooner than Moodle.

Post your mid-term and final grades

  • The myLSU way: From, look under Instructional Support, Post Grades. This posts the grades to the Mainframe.
  • The Moodle-to-myLSU way: From within Moodle, the Post Grades feature submits the grades to myLSU in a pending state, and automatically opens the myLSU Post Grades screen, where you then look under Pending to find those grades and post them to the mainframe.