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High School Mathematics Contest




Welcome to the Eighteenth
Louisiana State University
High School Mathematics Contest
March 16, 2019

On March 16, 2019, the LSU Department of Mathematics will host its eighteenth high school mathematics contest. It is a chance for students to test their mathematical mettle in individual competition, for students to engage in team competition, and for teachers to meet and mingle with colleagues and LSU faculty.

Renewal: Our many thanks to Mu Alpha Theta which has provided cash awards in the team competition this year. See the Prizes section for details.

We hope that you and your school will be able to participate.



Mathematics is a fun, beautiful, and practical subject. It can help you become literate, conversant, and knowledgeable in many fields. "Understanding the math" can be the key to the sciences, engineering, economics, and finance. Mathematics can be your mountain from which to survey the intellectual terrain. The more you study, learn, and understand, the broader your view.


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