Prospective Students


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Why Choose LSU?

Choosing a Ph.D. Program is a very important decision. When considering LSU, you may want to consider the following:

  • The Department has a number of first-rate research groups. Check out the Research Areas represented by our faculty. Some of the areas represented include algebra and number theory, algebraic geometry, algebraic and differential topology and knot theory, analysis and applied mathematics, combinatorics and graph theory, control theory, mathematics of materials science, operator semigroups and functional analysis, harmonic analysis, Lie groups and representation theory, partial and stochastic differential equations, probability, numerical analysis and scientific computation.
  • The Department is large; with 53 faculty, plus a number of postdoctoral fellows and visitors, it offers an excellent selection of scientific advisers. A list of Ph.D. graduates and their advisers is available
  • We offer a good selection of graduate courses, including first year basic courses, more specialized sequences in subject areas, and many topics courses. See graduate courses to find lists and descriptions of recently offered graduate classes.
  • Conferences in many areas of active research are held here. A highlight of each year is the Porcelli Lectures (a memorial series established in memory of Pasquale Porcelli, a former faculty member) which is presented by an internationally prominent mathematician.
  • Because of the low student/faculty ratio, our graduate students receive a lot of individualized attention.
  • All new Teaching Assistants attend a year-long course called Communicating Mathematics before they begin teaching carefully selected undergraduate courses.
  • The main source of financial assistance is teaching assistantships that include a tuition waiver and a stipend. There are often other fellowships available. See Financial Aid for more information.
  • Baton Rouge is capital of the State of Louisiana. New Orleans is only an hour and a half away, while Houston is five hours west of Baton Rouge. Living in Baton Rouge is inexpensive, compared with major metropolitan areas. The campus is large, and there is an excellent selection of student activities and events.
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