Undergraduate Advisors

Mathematics Concentration

Photo of Pallavi Dani

Pallavi Dani
Professor, PhD University of Chicago
Research interest: Geometric group theory
Office: 324 Lockett Hall
Telephone: +1 225 578 1607
Email: pdani@math.lsu.edu
Personal Home Page of Pallavi Dani

Photo of Oliver Dasbach

Oliver Dasbach
Department Chair
Professor, PhD University of Düsseldorf (Germany)
Research interest: Low dimensional topology
Office: 301C Lockett Hall
Telephone: +1 225 578 1618
Email: kasten@math.lsu.edu
Personal Home Page of Oliver Dasbach

Photo of Ricardo Estrada

Ricardo Estrada
Professor, PhD Pennsylvania State University
Research interest: Asymptotic analysis, generalized functions, integral equations
Office: 342 Lockett Hall
Office hours: MW 2:00pm–3:00pm
Telephone: +1 225 578 1677
Email: restrada@math.lsu.edu
Personal Home Page of Ricardo Estrada

Photo of Phuc Cong Nguyen

Phuc Cong Nguyen
Professor, PhD University of Missouri
Research interest: Partial differential equations, harmonic analysis, nonlinear potential theory
Office: 312 Lockett Hall
Office hours: MTuW 2:30pm–3:20pm
Telephone: +1 225 578 1581
Email: pcnguyen@math.lsu.edu
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Photo of Boris Rubin

Boris Rubin
Professor, PhD Rostov State University (USSR)
Research interest: Integral geometry, harmonic analysis, convex geometry
Office: 348 Lockett Hall
Telephone: +1 225 578 1580
Email: borisr@lsu.edu
Personal Home Page of Boris Rubin

Photo of Stephen P. Shipman

Stephen P. Shipman
Director of Graduate Studies
Professor, PhD University of Arizona
Research interest: Spectral theory of differential and integral operators, linear and nonlinear waves, metamaterials
Office: 314 Lockett Hall
Telephone: +1 225 578 1674
Email: shipman@math.lsu.edu
Personal Home Page of Stephen P. Shipman

Photo of Michael M. Tom

Michael M. Tom
Professor, PhD Pennsylvania State University
Research interest: Partial differential equations
Office: 310 Lockett Hall
Office hours: MWF 10:30am–11:30am
Telephone: +1 225 578 1613
Email: tom@math.lsu.edu
Personal Home Page of Michael M. Tom

Photo of Shea Vela-Vick

Shea Vela-Vick
Associate Professor, PhD University of Pennsylvania
Research interest: Contact and symplectic geometry, low-dimensional topology, Riemannian geometry
Office: 384 Lockett Hall
Telephone: +1 225 578 1565
Email: shea@math.lsu.edu
Personal Home Page of Shea Vela-Vick

Photo of Anton Zeitlin

Anton Zeitlin
Associate Professor, PhD Yale University
Research interest: Representation Theory, Mathematical Physics
Office: 354 Lockett Hall
Email: zeitlin@lsu.edu
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Computational Mathematics Concentration

Photo of Shawn Walker

Shawn Walker
Professor, PhD University of Maryland
Research interest: Finite element methods, liquid crystals, geometric evolution, optimal control of PDEs
Office: 210 Lockett Hall
Office hours: TuTh 1:00pm–2:00pm
Telephone: +1 225 578 1603
Email: walker@math.lsu.edu
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Actuarial Science and Mathematical Statistics Concentrations

Photo of Charles N. Delzell

Charles N. Delzell
Associate Chair for Instruction
Professor, PhD Stanford University
Research interest: Real algebraic geometry
Office: 301A Lockett Hall
Telephone: +1 225 578 1619
Email: delzell@math.lsu.edu
Personal Home Page of Charles N. Delzell

Photo of Arnab Ganguly

Arnab Ganguly
Associate Professor, PhD University of Wisconsin - Madison
Research interest: Probability, stochastic analysis
Office: 222 Lockett Hall
Telephone: +1 225 578 1629
Email: aganguly@math.lsu.edu
Personal Home Page of Arnab Ganguly

Photo of Daniel Massatt

Daniel Massatt
Assistant Professor, PhD University of Minnesota
Research interest: Numerical analysis, spectral theory, quantum theory
Office: 344 Lockett Hall
Telephone: +1 225 578 1612
Email: dmassatt@lsu.edu
Personal Home Page of Daniel Massatt

Photo of Lawrence Smolinsky

Lawrence Smolinsky
Director of Actuarial Science
Roy Paul Daniels Professor, PhD Brandeis University
Research interest: Geometry & topology, informetrics and bibliometrics, mathematics education
Office: 382 Lockett Hall
Office hours: Tu 3:00pm–4:00pm
Telephone: +1 225 578 1570
Email: smolinsk@math.lsu.edu
Personal Home Page of Lawrence Smolinsky

Photo of Padmanabhan (Padma) Sundar

Padmanabhan (Padma) Sundar
Professor, PhD Purdue University
Research interest: Probability, stochastic analysis
Office: 316 Lockett Hall
Office hours: TuWTh 2:30pm–3:30pm
Telephone: +1 225 578 1611
Email: sundar@math.lsu.edu
Personal Home Page of Padmanabhan (Padma) Sundar

Secondary Education-Mathematics Concentration

Photo of James J. Madden

James J. Madden
The Patricia Hewlett Bodin Distinguished Professor, PhD Wesleyan University
Research interest: Real algebraic geometry, mathematics education, ordered algebraic structures
Office: 213 Prescott Hall
Telephone: +1 225 578 7988
Email: madden@math.lsu.edu
Personal Home Page of James J. Madden

Photo of Frank Neubrander

Frank Neubrander
The Demarcus D. Smith Alumni Professor, PhD University of Tübingen (Germany)
Research interest: Laplace and convolution transforms, generalized functions, evolution equations, mathematics education
Office: 209 Prescott Hall
Office hours: MTuW 3:30pm–4:15pm; Th 3:30pm–4:15am
Telephone: +1 225 578 7677
Email: neubrand@math.lsu.edu
Personal Home Page of Frank Neubrander

Mathematics and a Second Discipline Concentration

Photo of Yuri Antipov

Yuri Antipov
Professor, PhD Moscow State University (Russia)
Research interest: Integral and functional equations of continuum mechanics
Office: 388 Lockett Hall
Telephone: +1 225 578 1567
Email: yantipov@lsu.edu
Personal Home Page of Yuri Antipov

Photo of Scott Baldridge

Scott Baldridge
Loretta Cox Stuckey & Dr. James G. Traynham Distinguished Professor, PhD Michigan State University
Research interest: Geometric topology, differential geometry, gauge theory.
Office: 380 Lockett Hall
Office hours: TuTh 1:30pm–3:00pm
Telephone: +1 225 578 1670
Email: sbaldrid@math.lsu.edu
Personal Home Page of Scott Baldridge