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Department of Mathematics, Louisiana State University
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Office Hours for Fall 2011: 9:30-10:30 MWF or by appt.
"He who learns but does not think is lost. He who thinks but does not learn
is in great danger."
Confucius (Lunyu 2.15)
Current Resources

Fall 2012 Courses: 2057 | 7210
LaMSTI: Summer 2011 (links) | Summer 2012 (algebra)
On Ramp Course | LaMSTI Theses

Past Courses
M6302 MNS Su11 | 3355 Probability Sp11 | 4999 MNS Sp11 | 4056 Math Stats Fa10 | 1551 Hon Calc-I Fa09 | 3355 Probability Fa09 | 7290 Comm. Alg. Fa06 | 4005 Geometry Sp06 | 1550 Calc-I Fa05 | 4003 Instr. Strat. Math. Fa05 | 2057 Calc-III Sp05 | 2057 Calc-III Sp04 | 4005 Geometry Sp04 | 2057 Calc-III Fa03 | 1111 Data, Prob. and Risk.

Research & Service
"Thought must never be subordinated to any dogma, political party, passion, interest, preconceived idea, to anything indeed, except
the facts themselves, because, for science, to
be subordinated means
to die."
Henri Poincaré
My interests include real algebraic geometry and ordered algebraic structures. Here is some recent work:
Composition-closed l-groups. Top. and its App. 2011.
Mel Henriksen. Top. and its App. 2011.
Varieties of f-rings. Alg. Univ. 2010.
Quotas, walks and socks. Unpublished 2010.
H-closed monoreflections. Top. and its App. 2006.
Peculiar ways to order a ring. Lect. notes, Univ. Paris 7, 2004.
Infinitely near points. Lect. notes, Univ. Angers, 2004.

I am also interested in supporting K-12 educators; see the links to LaMSTI above; also see MathVision Lab. I have posted some resources for teachers of teachers at the Secondary Math Site. Some of my early thoughts about math reform (circa 1996) are here. Some other downloadable stuff (not up-to-date) is here.

"The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it
is are the ones who have gone over."
Hunter S. Thompson
Concept and drawings by my daughter, Calina.
The first one (Fall 2000) | B | C | D | E | One of the best Dinos ever. | The last (?) Dino (December 2003)
Counterfeit Dinos by JJM.
Consequences of thinking. | Who's drawing Dino?
Other fun...
I was a guest in Sonali's first-grade class in March 2002. She drew me a nice thank-you picture.
The meaning of sine and cosine.

Fun with watermelons in downtown Baton Rouge:

NOT fun...
  What Katrina did to Leoneard's (my brother-in-law's) house in Covington.
  What happened to my Honda Element. (Dry grass, hot catalytic converter.)

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