Pramod N. Achar

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Spring 2017

  • VIR Seminar on Quiver Representations and Hall Algebras (with Daniel Sage)

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Recent preprints

  • [arXiv] (with S. Makisumi, S. Riche, and G. Williamson) Koszul duality for Kac–Moody groups and characters of tilting modules
  • [arXiv] (with S. Makisumi, S. Riche, and G. Williamson) Free-monodromic mixed tilting sheaves on flag varieties
  • [arXiv] (with S. Riche) Reductive groups, the loop Grassmannian, and the Springer resolution

Ph.D. students

Postdoctoral researchers

  • William Hardesty

Other information

I was a student of David Vogan at MIT, finishing in 2001. My research deals with the geometry and combinatorics of objects arising in the representation theory of algebraic groups.