The Harmonic Analysis and Representation Theory Group @ LSU


Hongyu He Dr. He Harmonic Analysis on Classical Groups, Representation Theory, Geometry on Homogeneous Spaces, Combinatorics, Computational Biology.
Jimmie Lawson Prof. Lawson Lie Semigroup Theory, Geometry on Symmetric Spaces of Nonpositive Curvature, Geometric Control Theory on Lie Groups and Coset Spaces.
Gestur Olafsson Prof. Olafsson Harmonic analysis on homogeneous spaces, integral transforms such as the Radon transform, wavelets and wavelet sets, representation theory and its connection to function spaces and special functions, the heat and the wave equation.
Len Richardson Prof. Richardson Harmonic analysis on homogeneous spaces; nilpotent and solvable Lie groups; representation theory; local-global phenomena.
Boris Rubin Prof. Rubin Integral geometry, harmonic analysis, fractional integration and differentiation, continuous wavelet transforms.
Dan Sage Prof. Sage Geometric and combinatorial methods in representation theory, hopf algebras and quantum groups, applications of representation theory to applied mathematics.

Emeritus and Retired Faculty

Mark Davidson Prof. Davidson Semi-simple Lie groups, Representation theory,Harmonic Analysis, Special functions
O. Carruth McGehee Prof. McGehee Commutative harmonic analysis, complex analysis.
Ray Fabec Prof. Fabec Group representation theory.
Jacek Cygan Prof. Cygan Harmonic Analysis, Analysis on Homogeneous Spaces, Wavelets.